Gamera comes to life! CCP 1/1-scale Gamera 3 Head Replica Looks Amazing, Limited Stock of 500


CCP, a high-end PVC figure company in Japan, started a line of models called 1/1-scale Replica Series in 2011. This is the first product to be released from the line: CCP 1/1 Gamera 3 Head Replica.

CCP 1/1 Gamera 3 Head Replica features the gigantic head of Gamera that appears in Gamera 3.


The replica head is about 42cm tall (16.5 inch). The smaller CCP 1/6-scale Tokusatsu Series Gamera HG ver. figure is being displayed next to the 1/1 head in the above picture to compare the size between the two (thus not included in the set). Looks incredible, doesn’t it?
It’s also built in with a fun gimmick. When you push down on Gamera’s tongue, its eyes and mouth starts to flash just like Gamera did in the film, with the lighting effect imitating fiery plasma shots coming out of its throat.


In the upper right photo, you can see the eyes and throat glowing.

Only 500 of them were made as limited edition in 2011, and were sold out immediately. Today we found one listed on Yahoo Japan Auction for 69,800 yen! (Original retail price 49,800 yen)


Want to wait for another chance? Use this preset keyword, save it, and monitor auction listings until you find the one you want!


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