First Sailor Moon *real* makeup item! Miracle Romance Shining Powder pre-order

Wouldn’t it be great if your daily makeups look like those Sailor Senshi’s magical items? I’m sure that’s what many Sailor Moon fans have been dreaming of. Well, now, it’s finally here!

Premium Bandai will release Sailor Moon R Miracle Romance Shining Moon Powder this fall, the very first item from their new Sailor Moon-based makeup product line.

Just looking at these photos make me happy, it’s gorgeous!






They designed this makeup case based on Sailor Moon’s original toy released in 90s, which makes it even more realistic, just as you remember from childhood!


Original Sailor Moon toy from 90s

Pre-order from Rinkya Stores now and get it shipped in October (that’s the official release data).

This item is temporarily sold out.
Please wait for the secondary pre-order opportunity (which there will be). Or, keep checking on Rinkya Auction listing to make sure you get it NOW and not worry about it later.
Sailor Moon fans in Japan are going crazy over this item now. So don’t wait around till end, it may sell out soon!

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Order Sailor Moon Miracle Romance Shining Powder from Rinkya Stores:


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