First Hooters Opens in Tokyo, Japan!

October 25th, Monday, Hooters finally arrives in Japan!

We all know EXACTLY what you are curious about.
For example… How is the food? What about the location? Is there parking? Do they give you chopsticks? Do you get napkins? Don’t worry guys, WE’VE GOT YOUR BACK!!!
All your questions answered and more!!

As we get to the establishment, Hooters showcases their jet boat, because in Tokyo, how else do you roll? That’s right, a jet boat that goes 120 miles an hour!!! Don’t get wet now!!!

Now, hopefully your wives, girlfriends and significant female others have lost all interest in this article at this point, so we can get down to the nitty gritty. You may now stop going on and on about how “AWESOME” Hooter’s wings are….. (Honestly though, I swear, they are really good).

Inquiring minds what to know.
Q. Are Hooters girls Japanese or American?

A. 600 women applied to realize their dreams of serving men chicken and beer, as a Hooter’s waitress. 50 Japanese girls were chosen, with about 20 who will be on the floor full-time. There are non-Japanese who are also mixed in there.

Q. Do they speak Japanese only?
A. No, everyone speaks both Japanese and English. Because, being bi-lingual in Japan guarantees a job in a coveted position like this. Wow! All those hospitals, law offices, immigration and banks are just SOL!
Just like Hooters in the US, these girls can speak your language. (BEER)

Q. What about tips?
A. No tips in Japan, and Yuki over here is certainly not happy about that. Here’s a tip though, turn that frown upside down, you’re a Hooter’s girl nao! Just like most places in Tokyo, there is a table charge (service charge). You can expect that about 3000-3500 yen will get you a drink and a lovely dinner of chicken wings and breasts.

Hooters is just in front of Akasaka Mitsuke station, and the exit/entrance to Nagatacho station is in same building. That’s right guys, easssssssy access! Front and back!

One more thing!
There is a great campaign!
Become a member of Hooters Club, and you can win a Hooters GM Camaro in Japan! Now, aside from the fantastic chicken wings, you have one more reason to visit Hooters.

I have to be a member!

From a Japanese perspective, this is a very American place and I’m not talking about McDonald’s American. I don’t think Japanese have ever experienced anything like this. It is like diving in pool of American culture, and Japanese can deeply enjoy what USA is. Shoot guns, put on a western hat, listen to Sweet Home Alabama and eat food served by women with ample amounts of PERSONALITY! Something like that. Get a taste of America at Hooters!

  • Anonymous

    HOOT!!!HOOT!!! I can get 3 jobs in Japan vs. one of those ladies^_^ Maybe they should call it HOOTLESS??

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