Fan art! Guess the Fandom crossovers!

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Let’s play again with some Fandom crossovers! This time we have prepared some funny images for you to play with. It is really easy!! The first one is just really… famous! Both characters are really known worldwide! Do you know which fandom crossover is this one?

Okay, just in case you are a little bit lost (thing that I doubt), here are some hints: a very famous “moon” character who is dress in the suit of a very famous “captain.” I am so sure you know it!

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fan art, sailor moon, avengers, marvel, thor, rinkya, japan, anime, comics

This one is easy as well, however the color choice is funny. One of the characters wears originally green dresses, but the other wears originally red. In one of the fandoms, the brother of the character usually wears green. They love each other but they also kind of hate each other. It is funny the result because it makes you think about the mischievous brother more than the owner of that hammer.

fan art, sailor moon, avengers, marvel, hawkeye, rinkya, japan, anime, comics

Okay, this might be a little bit more difficult, but it is not so (it looks like, but it is not in reality). One character is fire within, and the other one is really good at shooting arrows. More hints? Okay! Both characters are buddies in their respective fandoms.

Still nothing? Okay, another hint: in one of the films a villain took mental control of the character who shoots arrows. This character is known because he/she is able to get the target easily.

fan art, sailor moon, avengers, marvel, ironman, iron man, rinkya, japan, anime, comics

The next one is a techie one. While it appears in blue because of one of the characters usually dressing in blue, the other character, the techie one, is usually red. And yes, one of the characters is a “robot suit.” Inside there is someone.

Another hint? This is also buddies with the other two characters above in the movies. Oh! Yeah! The other fandom is also buddies with the other characters as well. But I am sure you know this one for sure!

fan art, sailor moon, avengers, marvel, black widow, rinkya, japan, anime, comics

And today’s last one is… sexy! Double sexy, actually! Okay, hints: again, buddies of the rest of the characters above (both fandoms). One of them usually dresses in orange, and the other one usually dresses in black but the hair color is orange.

More? You should know this one already! She is very effective when struggling with villains, highly intelligent and very well trained. She is pretty and lethal.

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