Evangelion Electric Car Charging Stations to be Installed in Town of Hakone


Panasonic has announced its upcoming release of electric car and plug-in hybrid car charging station, ELSEEV, for January 2014. A couple of functioning stations have been already installed in town of Hakone, and since Hakone is where Evangelion is set (as Tokyo 3), it gets to have Evangelion-themed charging stations!

Currently, Hakone has two Eva-themed ELSEEV charging stations already in use, Evangelion Unit 01 and Unit 02 model.



There are five more themed models to come, including Shinji, Rei, Asuka, Kaworu, and Mari models.


evangelion-electric-car-charging-station-rinkya-japan5 evangelion-electric-car-charging-station-rinkya-japan6 evangelion-electric-car-charging-station-rinkya-japan7 evangelion-electric-car-charging-station-rinkya-japan8 evangelion-electric-car-charging-station-rinkya-japan9 evangelion-electric-car-charging-station-rinkya-japan10


Even Rei Ayanami cosplay girl was there to showcase this new model. ^_^
I can’t wait to see all of them installed in Hakone!

Image Source: Car Watch

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