Evangelion Christmas Cake?

That’s right, you can now surprise one of your “Wotome” girls with an Evangelion Christmas cake.

Starting on September 28th, you can now pre-order a 13 inch, chocolate cake with a Rei figure for only 3950 yen; to be picked up during the Christmas season (12/19-12/25).

The tradition of Christmas cakes in Japan comes with a joke about Japanese women.
Just like a Christmas cake, it’s hard to dispose of after the 25th. So basically, it’s hard to marry after you turn 25. In this day and age though, the “hard to marry” age has been upped to 31, linked to toshikoshi-soba, a noodle dish eaten on December 31st.

I wonder if they have a name for the single guys who order Evangelion cakes on Christmas Eve? You think they might have some problems in the marriage department as well?

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