Eat Anything You Want for 250 Yen! Family Mart’s All-You-Can-Eat Store Opened at Niconico Cho Kaigi

all-you-can-eat-famima-rinkya-japan2 Japanese conbini (convenience store) is not just convenient and being everywhere, but also usually carries delicious store brand snack, desserts, fried made food, and bentos. Many fans were exhilarated to experience 250 yen all-you-can-eat event at limited-time Family Mart store opened in Niconico Cho Kaigi 3. Yes, you can eat anything you want in the store for only 250 yen within the time limit of 10 minutes. all-you-can-eat-famima-rinkya-japan Family Mart’s vendor space looked like this at Niconico Cho Kaigi 3. It’s a little smaller than a normal Family Mart. all-you-can-eat-famima-rinkya-japan3 Rules are simple. Each customer had 10 minutes for all-you-can-eat. You can pick up maximum 3 items + 1 drink (or condiment) at a time. When you finish them, you can take next items. Etiquette should be still maintained, as anyone who eats dirtily (i.e. in a manner that grosses out other people) could get kicked out.

Total of 238 types of items were available in stock including both food and beverages.


From onigiri (rice balls)…








Noodle dishes…




…to yummy desserts! Any combination of these for 250 yen! It’s a dream come true for any conbini fan.

And of course, it includes even fresh made food. Family Mart’s signature “Famichiki” fried chickens were very popular among all-you-can-eat customers.



Inside the store there’s a table for you to enjoy food. Eat all you can until the timer stops!


According to Family Mart, the average number of items consumed by the participants at a time were 6 items. Some of them even finished 9 items within 10 minutes. Pretty impressive.

The event was so popular that all the tickets sold out within 30 minutes of the store’s opening.
I wish they open it in my neighborhood in future!

Source: Netlab

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