Dreams Come True- A Japanese Cure for A Hangover

A friend of mine opened his new bar- a long dream of his that became true…or I should say he made it into a reality. On his grand opening day, we went to celebrate!

Like any good bar, there was a variety of alcohol available- tequila, scotch, rum, bourbon, wines and more.

I ordered both champagne and a cocktail to start the night but then realized- it was not the weekend.
It was a Wednesday…so my moral dilemma began- cannot get too drunk, cannot be hungover at work, maybe I should not drink, BUT I also really want to celebrate my friend’s success tonight and that includes drinking….!

Here is my answer, my cure all for hangovers-

“Ukon no chikara”- the power of tumeric< I drink a bottle before I begin drinking to prevent a hangover. I am not sure exactly how it works, I read that the turmeric helps you digest alcohol better, either way, or for whatever reason, I can feel a difference in the morning.
I cannot promise it prevents a hangover 100% but for the low price of 150 yen each, Ukon no chikara is worth it and it works for me!

 Celebrate on a weeknight with friends and go to work the next day!

It is the best way to prevent a hangover- and I have tried MANY tricks. If you live outside Japan, you can order this value pack of 30, and prevent 30 hangovers in your future!

Japanese Hangover Cure-Ukon no Chikara Powder
US $34.09

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