Dolls Party 30 New Dollfies! Oh My Goddess Belldandy, Cyborg 009, Devilman, and More!


It’s time for another Dolls Party!
On December 22nd, Volks celebrated its 40th anniversary by hosting a joint festival that consists of Dolls Party 30Scale Model Frontier and Rail Expo.
New limited edition Super Dollfies and Dollfie Dreams are already up on Yahoo Japan Auction as usual. Check them out!

1) Oh My Goddess! Belldandy Super Dollfie

dollsparty30-belldandy-rinkya-japan2 dollsparty30-belldandy-rinkya-japan3 dollsparty30-belldandy-rinkya-japan4 dollsparty30-belldandy-rinkya-japan5


One of the most influential manga titles that affected the figure-making direction of Volks was Oh My Goddess! according to Volks. In 1996, Volks created resin kit “Holly Beldandy” to celebrate 25th anniversary. It was a legendary creation in their history, and one of the definitive figures that represented Volks’s art direction.



Find Oh My Goddess! Belldandy Super Dollfie on YJ Auction via Rinkya.


2) Devil Man Yo-Midi Akira Fudo and Ryo Asuka

devilman-fudo-akira-yo-midi-dollfie-rinkya-japan sd01_pic02 devilman-fudo-akira-yo-midi-dollfie-rinkya-japan2


From Devilman, one of Go Nagai’s most popular manga, Akira Fudo and Ryo Asuka are turned into Yo-Midi Super Dollfie.
Back when Volks created Devilman figures as part of OH (Orient Hero) series, Go Nagai was impressed by the quality of the figure and figure maker’s interpretation of his characters, say Akihiro Enku, the modeler for these dolls.

devilman-fudo-akira-ryo-asuka-yo-midi-dollfie-rinkya-japan3 devilman-fudo-akira-ryo-asuka-yo-midi-dollfie-rinkya-japan4 devilman-fudo-akira-ryo-asuka-yo-midi-dollfie-rinkya-japan6 devilman-fudo-akira-ryo-asuka-yo-midi-dollfie-rinkya-japan7 devilman-fudo-akira-ryo-asuka-yo-midi-dollfie-rinkya-japan5 devilman-fudo-akira-ryo-asuka-yo-midi-dollfie-rinkya-japan8 devilman-fudo-akira-ryo-asuka-yo-midi-dollfie-rinkya-japan9


Find Devilman Yo-Midi Akira Fudo and Ryo Asuka on YJ Auction via Rinkya.


3) Cyborg 009 Yo-SD Isao Nanjo and Chika

cyborg009-super-dollfie-yo-midi-rinkya-japan cyborg009-super-dollfie-yo-midi-rinkya-japan2 cyborg009-super-dollfie-yo-midi-rinkya-japan3 cyborg009-super-dollfie-yo-midi-rinkya-japan4 cyborg009-super-dollfie-yo-midi-rinkya-japan5 cyborg009-super-dollfie-yo-midi-rinkya-japan6 cyborg009-super-dollfie-yo-midi-rinkya-japan7 cyborg009-super-dollfie-yo-midi-rinkya-japan8


From Shotaro Ishinomori’s Cybory 009, Isao Nanjo and Chika are now Yo-SD dolls.

Find Cyborg 009 Yo-SD Isao Nanjo and Chika on YJ Auction via Rinkya.


4) Unbreakable Machine-Doll Dollfie Dream Yaya



From Dollfie Dream line, we have Yaya from Unbreakable Machine Doll. Yaya is a living machine doll powered by magical circuits specialized in hand-to-hand combat, which makes her a perfect character to be collaborating with Dollfie Dream.


unbreakable-machine-doll-yaya-dollfie-dream-rinkya-japan3 unbreakable-machine-doll-yaya-dollfie-dream-rinkya-japan2 unbreakable-machine-doll-yaya-dollfie-dream-rinkya-japan4 unbreakable-machine-doll-yaya-dollfie-dream-rinkya-japan5 unbreakable-machine-doll-yaya-dollfie-dream-rinkya-japan6


Find Unbreakable Machine Doll Dollfie Dream Yaya on YJ Auction via Rinkya.


5) Sakura Taisen Dollfie Dream Erica Fontaine


Erica Fontaine as Dollfie Dream from Sakura Taisen. We’ve already seen Sakura Shinguji from Sakura Taisen, it can be expected to have more characters from the title!

dollfie-dream-erica-fontaine-sakura-wars-taisen-rinkya-japan9 dollfie-dream-erica-fontaine-sakura-wars-taisen-rinkya-japan4 dollfie-dream-erica-fontaine-sakura-wars-taisen-rinkya-japan5 dollfie-dream-erica-fontaine-sakura-wars-taisen-rinkya-japan6 dollfie-dream-erica-fontaine-sakura-wars-taisen-rinkya-japan7 dollfie-dream-erica-fontaine-sakura-wars-taisen-rinkya-japan8


Find Sakura Taisen Dollfie Dream Erica Fontaine on YJ Auction via Rinkya.


6) Erica’s Battle Costume Set

Erica Fontaine has a Battle Costume Set that is sold separately from the doll! If you own her, you might as well get her this gorgeous outfit to go with too.

sakura-taisen-erica-fontaine-battle-suit-set-rinkya-japan sakura-taisen-erica-fontaine-battle-suit-set-rinkya-japan6 sakura-taisen-erica-fontaine-battle-suit-set-rinkya-japan2  sakura-taisen-erica-fontaine-battle-suit-set-rinkya-japan4 sakura-taisen-erica-fontaine-battle-suit-set-rinkya-japan3


Find DD Erica Fontaine Battle Costume Set on YJ Auction via Rinkya.


Right after the event is the best time to find these limited edition dolls, since many people are listing them on Auction right away, and everyone who did not go to the event is expecting to buy from them. As time passes, it gets more difficult find previous dolls. So act fast!

Visit Dolls Party 30 Official Site for specs and more information on dolls.

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