Disney D23 Expo Japan Commemorative Auction! Disney Super Dollfies, Kokeshi Dolls, Original Art, and More



D23 Expo Japan, an official convention for all Disney fans in Japan, was held from October 12th-14th. D23 Expo originally started in the United States as part of fan club event, and this is the first time it was brought outside of the States. To celebrate the success of D23 Expo Japan, Yahoo Japan Auction is holding special commemorative auctions in association with D23 Expo Japan.
Several rare Disney items that are unique to Japan are being listed. The first batch of auctions will end on October 27th (Japan time).

1) Nightmare before Christmas Jack Skellington Super Dollfie


nightmare-before-christmas-jack-skellington-super-dollfie-rinkya-japan nightmare-before-christmas-jack-skellington-super-dollfie-rinkya-japan2 nightmare-before-christmas-jack-skellington-super-dollfie-rinkya-japan4

This is a very special Jack Skellington doll customized from Super Dollfie (R). The doll has been customized specifically for this commemorative auction. Only one doll like this exists in the world!
This auction ends on October 27, 2013 at 6:44 in PDT.


2) Rapunzel Customized Super Dollfie

super-dollfie-rapunzel-rinkya-japan3super-dollfie-rapunzel-rinkya-japansuper-dollfie-rapunzel-rinkya-japan2 super-dollfie-rapunzel-rinkya-japan4

Beautiful Rapunzel doll customized from Super Dollfie (R). This doll has also been created just for D23 Expo Japan auction. There is no other doll like this in the world.
This auction ends on October 27th, 2013 at 6:53 in PDT.


3) Set of 6 Hand-Crafted Mickey Mouse Kokeshi Dolls

disney-d23-japan-expo-mickey-mouse-kokeshi-dolls-rinkya-japan disney-d23-japan-expo-mickey-mouse-kokeshi-dolls-rinkya-japan2 disney-d23-japan-expo-mickey-mouse-kokeshi-dolls-rinkya-japan3 disney-d23-japan-expo-mickey-mouse-kokeshi-dolls-rinkya-japan4


This is a set of six Mickey Mouse Japanese kokeshi dolls hand-crafted by renowned kokeshi artist cockets. Only one set exists in the world.
This auction ends on October 27th, 2013 at 6:25 in PDT.


4) Disney Airplane Model D23 Japan Expo 2013 Design

airline-model-d23-expo-japan-2013-design-disney-plane-rinkya-japan airline-model-d23-expo-japan-2013-design-disney-plane-rinkya-japan2 airline-model-d23-expo-japan-2013-design-disney-plane-rinkya-japan3 airline-model-d23-expo-japan-2013-design-disney-plane-rinkya-japan4


This is a finished airplane model with all original frame design and paintwork. It comes in a plastic case for protection. This model is also specially crafted for D23 Japan Expo auction!
The auction ends on October 27th, 2013 at 6:37 in PDT.


5) Disney 85th Anniversary Mickey Mouse Original Art

disney-85th-anniversary-illustration-rinkya-japan disney-85th-anniversary-illustration-rinkya-japan2


This is au auction for an original Mickey Mouse black and white illustration for Disney 85th Anniversary. Several motifs inspired by Japanese culture are embedded in the piece.
This auction ends on October 27th, 2013 at 6:51 in PDT.


There are more auction listings by D23 Expo Japan! Check out all the items that are currently being listed from here. When these auction ends, second batch of items will be listed starting October 29th, 2013.

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