Cute Blythe doll: fall poems

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This cute Blythe was personalized and is eager to share with you an awesome Manyoshu poem. The Manyoshu (万葉集), literally “Collection of Ten Thousand Leaves”, is a collection of Japanese poems compiled sometime after 759 AD during the Nara period. This compilation is of great importance, and it contains many poems which show up the Japanese spirit.

Since the fall is here, and we can enjoy the momiji (red leaves), we can start with a fall poem along with a very cute Blythe. The poem was written by Yamanoeue Okura (c. 660-733) and it contains lots of flowers that blossom during this time.

Flowers blossoming
in autumn fields,
when I count them on my fingers
they then number seven.
The flowers of bush clover,
eulalia, arrowroot,
pink, patrinia,
also, mistflower
and morning faces flower.

Manyoshu: 8:1537-8

We can enjoy this Fall in a very different way. You can dress up your Blythe in fall colors, and take awesome pictures of her in a very special fall scenery. But you can also add some poetry to it. Japanese poems are of extreme delicacy and delight, as Blythe dolls are. To enjoy the fall with Japanese poetry and a Blythe as company is a delight.

If you still have no Blythe to accompany your poetry times along with a green tea, don’t worry! You can get your first Blythe here.

Find more about the Manyoshu here and here.

Blythe by OhChiWaWa.


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