Customized Dior Homme 05SS Three Wolves Tuxedo Jacket


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The classic, best of the best creation from Dior Homme during the reign of celebrated Hedi Slimane, the 05SS Three Wolves Tuxedo Jacket is up for auction now. On the back is a beautiful embroidery of three wolves inspired from mythical figure, Cerberus.  It is a rare, highly collectible item desired by many Dior Homme fans. It has a relatively low starting price for a reason, but it could be a unique, special choice for you.

What makes this jacket special is not only because it’s Dior Homme Three Wolves, but it has actually been custom resized to fit a smaller frame of body. Originally size 46, the jacket was too big for the seller to wear, so it was modified to be much tighter around the shoulders. Thus, the current measuring is:

  • 36cm shoulder width
  • 62cm long
  • 13 cm arms-length
  • 10cm around cuffs

Even though this is a men’s brand, It could actually fit perfectly for a woman. Of course, it is an ideal jacket for a man with a more slim body type. This is an used item, but the jacket has been kept in a near-mint condition, and it’s been only worn a few times. If you have the a body type that often finds difficulty getting the right size straight from the retail, or if you like to own a custom-fitted Dior Homme jacket, this could possibly be an ideal item for you. Its tight fit will give you a nice, sexy silhouette and makes you special and “different” from everyone.

Only a couple of days left, give it some thoughts and bid soon if you want. Start bidding now!
(*The seller will charge extra 5,000 JPY to have the jacket cleaned by professional cleaner after purchased)

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