Custom Blythe Dolls: Sakuraichigo Custom Blythe

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Custom Blythe dolls make great collectibles, like this Sakuraichigo custom Blythe (available for less than a day!) She is super sweet! This doll has a lovely carved face, lovely makeup and gorgeous dress set. She has glasses and it’s a great add to your collection. The base doll is a Camelia with radiance skin. She has a new movable body and the neck can change direction to the left or right. There’s almost no wobble. Don’t miss this opportunity to get this super cute doll in your custom Blythe doll collection!


Let’s find out more about her!

custom blythe, blythe, neo blythe, neoblythe, rinkya, japan

Sakuraichigo trimmed the hair and made it short. Then, she covered it with a wig, so you can change it for your favorite wig. She also carved the eyes, nose, lips and the jaw. The lips have been carefully shaped. Sakuraichigo dropped the original makeup and put on a new one using pastels and acrylics. The eyebrows have been drawn with a brush, and the doll has new eyelashes. The face has been coated with several layers of matte spray to keep it safe.

The eyes are super cute too. Left eyes have a leaf color; the right ones have a morning color; and the front eyes are red and the other front eyes are black with a Swarovski flower in them.

The outfit is super cute too. The set includes: a tunic, a skirt, an underskirt, gaucho pants, a babushka, two apple candy made of clay and resin, a basket bag, glasses, a cricket doll, and short boots.

gave bate mainly at this auction.
To detail it is delicately crafted nice elegance. I would like to thank from the bottom of my heart is in the production bidder. Other small items appearing in the pictures are not included in the set.

Don’t miss this opportunity to add this super cute doll into your custom Blythe doll collection! She is too beautiful to miss!


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