Creepy Yurukyara Mascot from Hokuto City, Hokkaido Revealed

In November last year, city of Hokuto, Hokkaido announced its official mascot character (yurukyara) “Zushi Hokki.” The character caused a lot of buzz around internet because of its unconventional, creepy appearance.



Zushi Hokki is supposed to be a Japanese surf clam (hokkigai) in a sushi form. A sushi with hand and legs are already pretty creepy, but those eyes! He (she?) was chosen by popular votes. The city has recently revealed more pictures of this unique character. Check it out!


Zushi Hokki – Standard Variation




Zushi Hokki – Walking Variation




That last picture of him moving swiftly with four legs alone could give me a nightmare.

Zushi Hokki – Four Legged Variation



The last two poses are “turn into a sushi” and “cold.” How can a sushi get cold?

It’d be interesting to see what the city is planning to do with this character in future! For more information and news on Zushi Hokki, check out the official Facebook Page!


Image source: Hoktory


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