Cosplay ideas for this Halloween

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Are you still lost and have no clue about what to wear this Halloween? Here you have some cool cosplay ideas for this Halloween!! Take a look and decide which one is for you!

We start with our number 1 idea: Hello Kitty DIY cosplay dress! The main ingredient for this cosplay is to get lots and lots of Hello Kitty plushies! You need to sew them together (you can use an old dress). You can also find a cool wig, put some kitty ears too! No clue where to find such an amount of Hello Kitty plushies? Take a look here!


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Our number 2 idea: DIY Harajuku fashion-style Halloween. If you are not so eager to be into a character cosplay costume, you can have a cute Halloween with some Harajuku fashion. This is the Harajuku bunny-style. All you need are some cute bunny ears (you can also make them by yourself) and some Harajuku fashion items, like a super cute skirt. You can add to your cosplay cute plushies.

Find Harajuku fashion items here:

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Our last cosplay idea for today is a full Sailor Moon Cosplay set! If you are not too much into the DIY world, you can get a full Sailor Moon Cosplay set! You’ll be cute, incredibly powerful and sexy!

Find your perfect set here:

Image sources: Tokyo fashion & Flickr.

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