Blythe Dolls: useful vocabulary. Let’s speak Blythe!

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If you are new to the Blythe dolls world you might find it somewhat difficult to navigate it, specially when confronted with some vocabulary. Here you have a list to help you navigate it! It will also help you in knowing if a Blythe is an original one or a fake, or what some words mean into the Custom Blythe Dolls world. Let’s begin!

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6 lines: it refers to the six lines of writing that KENNER Blythe dolls have on their backs. Those are original Kenner dolls, while replicated ones will have a TAKARA sign. Others have 7 lines instead of 6 depending on when they were made. Both 6 lines and 7 lines dolls’ moulds should be the same.

Above we have 6 lines, 7 lines Mondrian, Ricca doll, and Hasbro Takara Blythe.

ADG: it stands for Ashton-Drake Galleries. It is the brand name of a producer of collectible dolls in the US. They produced almost exact replicas of Kenner dolls from 2005 to 2006, including replicas of original Kenner outfits. They released a total of 12 different Blythe dolls, but stopped production in 2008.

Alpaca: a natural fiber used for rerooting (re-root the hair) Blythe dolls. It is very smooth and super soft. Mohair is poofier. Alpaca hair is used for rerooting custom Blythe dolls.

Anniversary Blythe: since CWC started to produce the Neo Blythe dolls, they produce an anniversary Blythe Doll per year.

BL: acronym to designate the first face mould designed by CWC and produced by Takara in 2001. Blythe dolls with BL moulds are the only ones to have a licca body. There are a total of 9 different releases of BL Blythe dolls. The BL mould is not used anymore.

Boggled: a process by which you alter the eyelids of a Blythe doll, and the eye opens in a more wide manner. The eyelid shows less.

Carving: a customization technique by which the lips, eyes and/or nose is carved.

Chalks: pastel chalks that are used to paint on the sanded matted faces of Blythe dolls.

CWC: acronym that stands for Cross World Connections. It is a creative agency that promotes the careers of artists worldwide. It represents those artists commercially within Asia. The founder and president of CWC is Junko Wong, and are the ones that produce the Neo Blythe dolls from 2000.

blythe, blythe dolls, blythe dolls vocabulary, custom blythe, stock blythe, rinkya, japan, lingo, vocabulary list

Dome: The hard plastic head (the scalp does not belong to this part).

EBL: acronym of the second face mould designed by CWC and produced by Takara from 2002. It was easy to break. It is no longer produced. It also means “excellent Blythe.”

blythe, blythe dolls, blythe dolls vocabulary, custom blythe, stock blythe, rinkya, japan, lingo, vocabulary list

Eye chip: the plastic iris of a Blythe doll’s eye. Customizers are able to replace them. Some customizers also paint them, and some look like real eyes.

FBL: acronym for the fifth face mould of Blythe dolls. It was introduced in 2009. It has smaller eyes and a matte texture. It is still produced.

Gaze correction: the process by which a customizer makes the eyes of the Blythe doll gaze upwards.

Hasbro: the US Multinational Toy Company that distributes Takara and Tomy products internationally. Takara and Tomy also distribute Hasbro products in Japan.

Kenner: Toy Company founded in 1947 in Cincinnati, Ohio, United States. In 1972 Kenner released the first versions of Blythe dolls. They only produced dolls during one year. The Kenner division was sold to Tonka, and then they were sold to hasbro in 1991.

Licca body: Blythe dolls which had a BL faced and were released from 2002 to 2003 had Licca bodies. Licca bodies have skinnier legs, but their arms are bendable.

LPS Petite: Littlest Pet shop Petite Blythe dolls released by Hasbro in 2010. Their eyes do not move.

Matted: most Neo Blythe dolls have shiny faces with exception of FBL and BL mould ones. Many people prefer matte faces to the shinny ones. Customizers usually like the faces matte, so they sand the faces and spray-matte them. The spray keeps their makeup intact.

blythe, blythe dolls, blythe dolls vocabulary, custom blythe, stock blythe, rinkya, japan, lingo, vocabulary list

Middie Blythe: Middie Blythe dolls is the latest Takara Blythe which was released in 2010. She is only 8 inches tall. She does not have color changing eyes, but you can make their eyes look left, middle and right.

Mohair: a natural fiber that customizers use to reroot Blythe dolls hair. It is stronger than Alpaca.

Neo Blythe: the name that it’s used to refer to all dolls produced after Kenner dolls. Neo Blythe dolls were released in 2001.

NRFB: acronym, Never Removed From Box

OOAK: acronym, One Of A Kind.

PBL or Petite Blythe: Petite Blythe dolls measure 4 inches. They are the second size of Blythe dolls produced by Takara. They cannot close their eyes, but those produced in 2003 can close their eyes.

Pull ring: a plastic ring which is attached to a string that goes to the back of the Blythe doll. It is used to change the eye color of the Blythe doll. Every time you pull, you change the eyes, hence the colors.

RBL: acronym for the fourth face mould made by Takara in 2006 that resembles more a Kenner doll, but it has bigger eyes. It also means Radiant Blythe. This mould is still on use.

Reroot: it means replacing the original Blythe doll’s hair with other hair. Customizers can use alpaca, mohair but they can also use yarn.

Saran: soft plastic hair that’s used to reroot a Blythe doll.

SBL: acronym for the third face mould produced by Takara from 2003. It has smaller eyes. It is no longer in use. It means “Superior BLythe.”

Scalp: a flexible round part of the Blythe doll’s head where the hair is attached. It can be removed and rerooted.

Sleepy eyes: sleepy eyes are customized eyes that use two pull strings to be manipulated. Dolls close their eyes but you can decided till which degree they do so, creating a sleepy eyes effect.

Stock: stock Blythe dolls are those released by Takara and that are unchanged. They have no custom on them.

Takara: a Japanese Toy Company that produces Blythe dolls.

Takara body: the original body for Kenner Blythe dolls and Neo Bltyeh dolls with EBL mould.

Sources: Mademoiselle Blythe, Blyst, Wikipedia.

blythe, blythe dolls, takara, takara blythe, rinkya, japan, collectibles

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