Black Cats Only! World’s First Black Cat Cafe in Himeji City



Black cats are believed to bring bad luck; such superstition is true in Japan too.
Despite their unfortunate reputations, there are many cat fans who absolutely love black cats.
If you are one of them, “Cat Cafe Nekobiyaka -Kuroneko cm-” in Himeji, Hyogo Prefecture might be a perfect place to visit! This is the world’s first cat cafe in which the feline residents are all black cats!

Everywhere you see, there are black cats!
The cafe room is spacious and comfortable for cats to run around and play.

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There are currently eight black cats residing at this cafe.
For newbies, it is very difficult to tell apart one black cat from another, but don’t be worried.
Each cat is given a name that includes a color, and they all have colored collars that correspond to their names. Here are the eight cats with their stylish names and collars.

Hakubei (Haku = White)


Kiisuke (Ki = Yellow)


Mizuirou (Mizu = Light Blue)


Chashibu (Cha = Brown)


 Orenji (Orenji = Orange)


Momohiko (Momo = Pink)


Midori (Midori = Green) 



Kuroda Kanbe (Kuro = Black)



Cat Cafe Nekobiyaka used to be an ordinary cat cafe with a variety of different cats.
My. Yagi, the owner of the place, in addition to managing the cafe, is also active in helping out animal shelters to look for foster home. During the process, she saw four black kittens who were about to be killed due to not being able to find foster home. She says on the website that’s when she decided to make her cat cafe dedicated solely for black cats.


Several black cats who lived at the cafe were later adopted by kind families. Ms. Yagi always makes sure to visit the families after cats were adopted to follow up, ensuring their happiness.

If you are a black cat lover, Cat Cafe Nekobiyaka -Kuroneko cm- is a must go place. If you are not, it’s a place you can discover the charm of these beautiful little friends.


Cafe Info:
Cat Cafe Nekobiyaka -Kuroneko cm-
Address: 2F Mifune Building, 322 Ekimaechō, Himeji-shi, Hyōgo-ken, Japan
Google Map
Phone: 090-6757-2810
Business Hour: 12:00 – 21:00 (latest admission is 20:00)
Price: 1000 yen for first hour, 500 yen for each additional 30 min.


Image sources: Official site, Excite Bit, MyNavi

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