Bento Friday: super easy Anpanman Bento Box

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Today we have a super easy Anpanman Bento Box recipe. It is fast to make, easy to prepare, cute and yummy! Let’s begin!

Ingredients: nori, boiled rice, three slim sausages, mayonnaise.

Boil the rice. Then take one of the sausages, nori and mayonnaise. Put the nori on the table, then put some mayonnaise, and then wrap the sausage around it. Choose slim sausages otherwise your makis are going to be giant. Do it again with the other two sausages.

Then take another nori, and rice, and the sausages and put them together (like in the picture). One sausage is going to be the nose, and the other two are going to be the cheeks of Anpanman.

Once you’ve done so, cut the makis in slices. You will see the face of Anpanman. Now we need to cut the mouth and the eyes, and put them on each of the makis we’ve prepared.

You can accompany your makis with the veggies you like. If you boil carrots, and put some cheese, you can also create a colorful background for your Anpanman makis.

This is so cute and easy to prepare! Give it a go!

Source: charaben mania.

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