Bento Friday: Sleepy Rilakkuma Omurice

TGIF, it’s bento Friday!

I’ve featured sleepy Hello Kitty bento a few weeks ago, and because it was so adorable, now I’m obsessed with finding more character bentos in blankets!

Here is today’s bento: Rilakkuma cozy afternoon snooze

riralakkuma-bento rilakkuma-bento2


It’s made with omurice (omelette and ketchup fried rice) too, which is one of my favorite Japanese dishes! Yumm!

This is another sleeping Rilakkuma bento made by the same artist. He’s laying on a soft cushion of bread. I love the little “Z” above his head!



Karenmama is such a talented bento artist! :)

Have a good weekend everyone!

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