Bento Friday: Romantic Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask + Outer Senshi

Happy Friday! It’s time for weekly character bento.

This week’s choice almost made my heart explode: Tuxedo Mask and Sailor Moon romantic love bento!

Bento Source: Natsukashi Anime wo Kyara Ben de

Awwww how sweet.
Such a lovely couple! <3

Since I shared the most popular couple from the show, I also want to post this bento featuring my favorite couple from the series. ^_^
Sailor Uranus and Neptune!

Bento Source: Natsukashi Anime wo Kyara Ben de

I was kind of obsessed with them when I was a kid…I’ve even made a paper mask of Neptune and Uranus to wear in Japanese Bon festivals (a little embarrassing part of my childhood) 😀
I totally adore Outer Senshi.

Source: Natsukashi Anime wo Kyara Ben de


What is your favorite Sailor Senshi?
Send me a comment and I’ll feature bentos of your favorite character! I love to hear what you like to see on our blog :)

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Have a happy weekend!


  • TuxedoCartman

    The scene where Uranus and Neptune were dying at the end of Season 5 choked me up. They were so cute together.

    • admin

      Totally agree with you! Their dedication to each other is unparalleled. And I love the scene where they acted as Hotaru’s parents…so perfect!

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