Bento Friday: Osechi Ryori with Cute Animals


How was Christmas? Did you enjoy hearty meals with your family?
Now the holiday is over, we have to get ready for New Year!
Today we are looking at a special bento for Japanese New Year.

In Japan, by tradition, there are several special dishes around New Year time.
Osechi ryori is one of them. It is a special New Year meal that comes in pretty lacquered boxes that resemble bentos. A typical osechi looks like this.


The contents of an osechi usually consist of food that has been cooked thoroughly or pickled so it won’t go bad after a couple of days. It’s also because fire is believed to be something divine in Japan, and people are supposed to avoid using fire for cooking as much as possible in the beginning of the year to welcome shinto gods.

The traditionaly osechi is colorful and pretty and all, but what if they had these in?


This dish is made entirely of surimi products from Kibun. Surimi is a popular ingredient for making osechi because it stays fresh long.


So adorable!


Bento artist Muku-san was asked to make this special osechi by Kibun for osechi exhibition.



It’d be a fantastic meal to start a fresh year with!

Image sources: Muku’s bento blog, FightingArts

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