Bento Friday: My Neighbor Totoro Tiny Bento with Catbus

TGIF! It’s our favorite day of a week, Bento Friday.

Today’s bento features My Neighbor Totoro’s Big Totoro! (+ a dustbunny)


This bento was made by a talented Bento artist Gurea.

Not only it looks adorable, there is one more surprise. It’s a very small bento. How small? Compare it with a keitai (Japanese cellphones)


The bento box is called a Mobile Bento, not because you can carry it around, but it’s about the same size as a mobile phone.

Hrere’s another Totoro bento, featuring Catbus!
Sadly, this bento was just a prototype and didn’t get used outdoor.

Photo: gurea

Don’t like rice so much? How about bread.



Have a nice weekend!

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