Bento Friday: LEGO brick bento

Happy Friday!
When making a bento, frequently you’ll encounter a situation where you just need one more topping to make it just perfect. To add extra cuteness, why not try these edible LEGO bricks?


Read more to find out how to make them!

First, cut a sausage into a square (about 1cm width each side).



Use a straw to carve out circles.



Place the cylindrical parts on top of the square X 4 to make a brick!




You can use any soft ingredients to produce different colors.

White bricks made of kamaboko (fish cake).


Orange bricks made of carrots (boiled).



Yellow bricks made of eggs. (This one’s very fragile, so you need to pay more attention not to break it)



More white bricks made of cheese.


The edible LEGO bricks are useful for adding final touch to a bento, or giving cushioning between fragile side dishes.

lego-bento-rinkya-japan28 lego-bento-rinkya-japan9 lego-bento-rinkya-japan10

They’d be great served by themselves at parties and potlucks!

Bento source: Cookpad

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