Bento Friday: kawaii little devil bento box recipe

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Today we have a very cute bento box recipe: a little demon norimaki! In Japan we say: “鬼は外~福は内~,” (oni wa soto, fuku wa uchi). It means that demons are kept outside, but good luck is kept inside. So, we can state that also with food. With this cute bento box recipe you’re going to win your family’s stomachs! It is really cute and not so difficult to make.

Ingredients: omelette, nori, boiled rice, ketchup. (You can change the ketchup for another flavor, we use it to create the color of the little devil that you see in the picture).

First we need to boil the rice. In a little bowl we will take some of it and mix it with some ketchup (not much). You can also use another type of flavor, but mind the color of the skin.

Take a nori sheet and, to be able to get the devil’s face, first put the omelette you’ve previously made, and then some colored rice. Make a round. Then, on another sheet, put some white boiled rice, and in the middle the face you’ve just done. And make the maki.

When you cut it, you will get little faces! Isn’t it cool!?? So, once you have the little devil faces, you only need to cut the eyes and a stylish hair style and you got your kawaii devils!

You can decorate them with veggies (the ones you like), or with small meat balls.

Source: Charaben Mania.

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