Bento Friday: Cute Tora Hello Kitty Bento Box

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This Friday’s cute bento is a Hello Kitty Bento Box recipe! More precisely: a Tora Kitty! This time we’ll need a little bit more patience in order to complete the bento box, but once it is finished is going to be so cute! Yummy, of course, and cute!

We need the following ingredients: one egg or two to make the omelette, nori, cheese, boiled rice, ketchup (if you wish to add some ketchup to the rice), ham, boiled pasta, some mayonnaise and assorted vegetables.

First we need to make the omelette, a very thin one, and then we need to boil the rice. We put some rice into plastic wrapping paper and we give it a round shape (the size depends on you, but don’t do it too big, otherwise you won’t have enough omelette to cover it up). We put it on the omelette and with a shape cutter we cut a circle.

Then we cut some cuts on the circle, and then we cut another circle in the middle, like if it were a donut. The idea is to create a hood, and leave Hello Kitty face intact, with white rice so that we can see the difference. Then we take the rice from the plastic wrapping paper, put it on the omelette shape, and we put it again into plastic wrapping paper. We squeeze it till we get the desired round shape.

With the rest of the omelette we cut the tiger ears, along with some small cheese pieces to decorate. We can use ham in order to create stability with the ears.

We cut Tiger shapes with nori, and then we put them on the omelette. We can also cut a flower shape to decorate Hello Kitty! Then we also cut the eyes, and use the pasta for the rest. (Use the picture as a guidance).

It looks cute, isn’t it!? Are you going to try this cute Hello Kitty bento box? It’s so kawaii!

Source: charaben mania.

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