Bento Friday: Cute New Year Kimono Girl Bento Box Recipe

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Yay! Today we have a Cute New Year Kimono Girl bento box recipe. Prepare yourself for this New Year with this cute bento box recipe, and surprise your love ones the D-day! Let’s begin!

Ingredients: 100 grams of boiled rice, nori, imitation crab meat, spaghetti, black sesame seeds, ketchup, salt, mayonnaise, carrot, and if you want, ginseng. Veggies we like.

We first boil the rice. Once we have it boiled, we add some ketchup and a little bit of salt, and we mix it to give color to our Kimono girl’s face. Once we have done it, we create a big onigiri and then a small one. We take some nori and we create her bangs. With the small onigiri we’ll create her hair!

Then we create another rice ball and we take the imitation crab meat, and we’ll prepare it and fashion it as if it were a kimono. This time we can mix the rice ball with some mayonnaise. It will be very tasty! (It is not so hard to achieve a kimono). With nori we create the girl’s face.

We prepare a base of rice, and on it veggies we like. We also can add black sesame seeds here and there. With carrots we can create small flowers to decorate our bento box. And… that’s it! Easy!

Source: Charaben Mania.

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