Bento Friday: cute egg devils bento box recipe

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Today we have a very simple bento box recipe: a cute egg devils bento box! They are lovely! All you need is be willing to have fun and create little cute devils! You can also create lots of them for a party with friends, and create different faces: from happy to astonished! They will really love the idea!

Ingredients: one boiled egg, sliced cheese, katsuoboshi (dried tuna), nori, ketchup.

Once you’ve boiled the egg, cut it in two halves. (You can actually boil more than one egg and create as many little devils as you want; that’s up to you!) Take some katsuoboshi and put some on the top, so that you can create the little devil’s hair. Then, cut the cheese and the nori and decorate their faces. With some ketchup you create their cheeks.

That’s it!

Pretty easy, isn’t it?

You can add these small devils to any other bento that you like, or create one for them decorating the bento with rice and the vegetables you love the most.

If you don’t have katsuoboshi (dried tuna) you can change their hair for other more colorful vegetables like boiled carrots or even orange color cheese.

Image source: charaben mania.

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