Bento Friday: cute Disney characters onigiri bento box recipe

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Today we have a very simple and cute onigiri bento box recipe with Disney characters. This bento is really easy to make, and you can prepare it with your children or with friends, or even for a party!

Ingredients: boiled rice, nori, mayonnaise, crab meat (or boiled ham), cheese.

First boil the rice. Then cut the nori depending on the character you are making. If you need red or yellow as decorating colors, use the crab meat (or boiled ham) and cheese. You will provably spend more time cutting the eyes, or creating the decorations with nori. You can also use the mayonnaise to create faces or to put inside along with some ham to create small surprises.

These onigiri are really cute and work well with home parties, but also as small surprises to decorate other bento boxes that you might create. Give it a try! It’s fun!

Image source: Cookpad.

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