Bento Friday: Cheese Cat Warpped on Rice Balls

Today’s bento is made by mai*mai, one of the most popular character bento artists on Rakuten Recipe.



Sooo cute!
It’s fairy simple to make. Here is a step-by-step tutorial.


Step 1: Make rice balls in oval shapes.


Step 2: Place a template (make your own) on the top of a slice of cheese. Cut it out carefully. Use a straw to carve out the cats’ hand pieces too.



Step 3: Use a hole punch to make face pieces from a sheet of nori seaweed.



Step 4: Place face parts on the cheese.



Step 5: Wrap the cat around the rice ball with nori!



Step 6: Place hands on top of nori. Add cheeks by using ketchup. Done!

You can buy a hole punch specially made for bento art at Yahoo Japan Auction.
Or a lot of the times, a punch is included in sets of onigiri (rice ball) cutters.

bento-nori-hole-punch-rinkya-japan bento-nori-hole-punch-rinkya-japan2


Have a great weekend!

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