Auction Wednesday: Sailor Moon Sailor Stars Intro Sequence Reproduction Cel

On Yahoo Japan Auction via Rinkya today, we have beautifully framed reproduction cels from Sailor Moon Sailor Stars Intro sequence for sale.

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Remember these scenes from the show?
Check the original intro sequence to see the corresponding scene.

What is reproduction cel? What’s the difference from the original cel, you may ask.

Reproduction cels are cels that have not been actually used in anime production. These are replicas of the original cels, made by the animation studio specifically for collectors’ market. This particular Sailor Moon set was reproduced in limited number of 50. You can see the numbering on the back of each cel.


Since silver Toei Animation stickers can be seen on the corner of each frame, these cels most likely came with the frames when they were sold. Reproduction cels are usually a lot more affordable than the original, they are cleaner, and they look very pretty as collection items.
Plus, you can apply Rinkya’s Commission Discount on all Cels won on auction. Take advantage of it!

The auction for a set of Sailor Moon, Jupiter, and Venus cels ends on May 31st, 2014 at 07:39 in PDT.

The auction for a set of Sailor Mars and Mercury cels ends on May 31st, 2014 at 07:37 in PDT.

*Please note that these items are sold from Yahoo Japan Auction Store, which means it charges consumption tax of 8% after the final winning price.

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