Attack on Titan Colossal Titan Reversible T-shirt


You can be a Colossal Titan with this Attack on Titan t-shirt from Cospa!
There’s been many Attack on Titan t-shirts, but this one is full of playful ideas that no one’s ever thought of before.

attack-on-titan-reversible-colossal-titan-tshirt2 attack-on-titan-reversible-colossal-titan-tshirt3

It looks like an ordinary t-shirt, but when you flip it inside out…and put it on your head…



Why would anyone wear a shirt like that? Because it’s fun!

When you look close at the front of the shirt, there’s a tiny silhouette of Jean. A little detail like this makes a fan giggle.


It’s sold out on many online English stores, but we can order them directly from Cospa Japan, on demand! It will be $55.00 including all Rinkya fees, except for international shipping cost. This item is for preorder, so it will be shipped in late September, 2013.

To order this item, request an order from your Rinkya Store formbuy-now-button


Make sure to specify size (available in XS/S/M/L/XL) in the description section. For size chart, check Cospa’s website.

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