Another Sailor Moon Makeup! This time it’s Nail Polish featuring all 5 Sailor Senshi


We’ve already featured Sailor Moon Shining Moon Powder last week, which sold out within 24 hours, and guess what? Now there’s another Sailor Moon makeup to be released from Miracle Romance series!

Miracle Romance Sailor Moon R Nail Collection

This collection not only features Sailor Moon, but also includes Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, and Venus too! Must-have for all Sailor Moon fans!

miracleromance-sailormoon-nail3 miracleromance-sailormoon-nail2 miracleromance-sailormoon-nail4 miracleromance-sailormoon-nail5 miracleromance-sailormoon-nail6

This series is targeted for adults, so quality of the polish itself is well considered. It has pearly shimmer and gives clean finish without unevenness. Perfect for creating nail art too! You can find this product on our Auction, it’s super popular so don’t wait around!

Use this link to check every listing of Sailor Moon R Nail Polish Collection.



And check on Sailor Moon Shining Moon Powder listing on YJ Auction too! There are more items listed everyday!


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