Amazon Japan Hires “Goat” Employees For Eco-Friendly Lawn Care announced their recent installment of 30-40 goats (yes, actual goats) to help mow grassy backyard of their Tajimi Fulfillment Center in Gifu Prefecture. These goats will be eating grass on 3,750-square-meter area of Amazon’s property, as well as providing pleasant sight for their employees from June to October this year.


Amazon Tajimi Fulfillment Center first adopted this eco-friendly mowing method in 2013. Last year, they hired 10 goats for lawn care, and they continued to raise and take care of the same goats until they are needed again for the following year.


Goats from last year.

This year, all the goats from last year have grown and returned to work. Each of them carries an official Amazon employee tag just like human workers. According to, the number of goats has more than doubled since last year.


Each goat has an official Amazon employee tag.

Young goat named "Sadaharu" enjoys running around on the property.

One of the younger goats Sadaharu enjoys running around on the property.


Swin (left) and Cookie (right) eating grass. Cookie is an expert mower from last year.

Not only they are great for providing natural lawn care, but their presence has a soothing effect on hardworking employees at the Fulfillment Center. Employees from last year have voiced their joy andfeeling of comfort provided by sight of these animals.

Source: Netlab, Mynavi

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