A visit to the world’s first Kit Kat store, Kit Kat Chocolatory!



Kit Kat Chocolatory, the world’s first Kit Kat store opened in Ikebukuro, Tokyo on January 17th, 2014. Fortunately I had a chance to see this brand new store a couple of weeks after the grand opening!

Kit Kat Chocolatory is located on the B1 floor of Seibu Ikebukuro shopping mall. It was Saturday, which was not the best day to be in a mall since the place was completely packed. Nevertheless I was very excited.


A long line waiting outside the Chocolatory. The red placard is to indicate the last person in the line so people know where to line up.

It is a pretty small store, so there is a limit to how many people can be inside at a time. A couple of TVs are set up outside the window running Kit Kat promotion videos.


At the window, there is a Kit Kat chandelier and pyramid.



Once you get to go inside, you’ll see the history of Kit Kat.


Kit Kat Chocolatory only sells limited edition Kit Kats that are exclusive to this store (at the moment).  There were only three kinds of Kit Kats for sale: Chili Pepper, Sublime Bitter, and Sakura Green Tea Kit Kat.


Sublime Bitter is a Kit Kat made from couverture, which is high-quality chocolate with extra cocoa butter. 315 yen each.


Chili Pepper (left) and Sakura Green Tea (right) Kit Kat. 420 yen each.

However, I encountered a problem as I went on.



Both Chili Pepper and Sublime Bitter flavors were sold out for the day! Even though the store limits the number of Kit Kat you can buy at a time per person, I guess enough people had gone in and grabbed them!

So I bought some Sakura Green Tea Kit Kat, which is perfectly fine for me since I love green tea flavored sweets.


I was thrilled to open the box when I got home.
These Kit Kats are packaged in beautiful red boxes with gold leaf that differentiate them from normal Kit Kats in stores.

kit-kat-chocolatory-rinkya-japan12 kit-kat-chocolatory-rinkya-japan13


There are four small bags of Kit Kat inside the box.





It’s very pretty to look at, and it makes me want to keep it just as it is. However, for the purpose of this blog post, let’s open it!



It is indeed a very green Kit Kat. I separated the slat into two pieces and had a bite.



Inside id it is a wafer, just like every other Kit Kat, except it is slightly pink colored. The green tea chocolate? That was absolutely amazing. It’s rich with milk that it melts in your mouth, almost like ice cream. And they didn’t go stingy on green tea either. I can taste strong matcha green tea flavor but without the bitterness of it. The inside (wafer part) has a hint of cherry leaf, which leaves you with refreshing aftertaste.

(If you’ve never had any cherry leaves before, they have very delightful scent that resemble cherry blossoms. Usually salted and preserved first before being used for ice cream, mochi, and other Japanese sweets)

After one day, I finished all four bags of them. Wow, no… this is bad! But I definitely would get more if I have a chance to visit the Chocolatory again.

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