A Somber Message From Rinkya on the Passing of Elaine Russell – Rinkya CFO and mom

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June 30th, 2016, Elaine Russell, CFO of Rinkya, my mother, Laurel’s and Scott’s mother, passed away.

Elaine-san was loved by everyone here at Rinkya and her passing has hit us all very hard, especially her children – Scott, Laurel and myself. We also know there are many of you that also had a very close relationship with her. This message is for you.

Elaine loved getting to know all of you. What you bought, why you bought it, what you were doing outside of Rinkya and what she could do to make Rinkya better for you. She often shared many stories of your personal lives with me and it made me feel like we really built something special. She made Rinkya something special, more than just a company – a home and a family. She lived and breathed this company because it was for her children.

Thank you to all of our customers who enable Rinkya to continue and provided my mother with the most rewarding career of her life with her children. You gave her purpose and challenged her to continue a career until she passed away at the age of 71. You taught her how to use the computer, how to do finances, taxes, collections, customer support and how to keep her mind sharp. She taught us how to care for all of you.

You also gave me, my brother Scott and my sister Laurel the most beautiful gift ever, which was the opportunity to work with our mother every single day. Because of all of you, we had the chance to talk with her and tell her we loved her every single day. Thank you for providing our family with a livelihood and this incredible, beautiful gift. We are forever grateful.

Things may be a little slow with answering inquires and questions regarding accounts and payments over the next few days. Don’t worry, we won’t charge any late fees if we leave you hanging. ^_^ ….and we thank you for your patience. She was after all, indispensable. ^_^ The warehouse and bidding are still running, taken over by our incredible family here at Rinkya. Please also feel free to ping customer support for any questions. Thank you for using us all these years and supporting us and we thank you for allowing us to continue in Elaine’s spirit.

Our father, Rick Russell will soon be joining us at Rinkya, taking our mom’s position because he wants to soak in every last piece of her he can. We look forward to introducing you all to him.

While we are extremely sad now, we also know that Rinkya is what keeps our family going and we’ll do our best to continue making it the best for all of you. It’s what Elaine would have wanted. ^^;

Thank you again for using Rinkya.
Heather Russell CEO
Laurel Russell (Former Social Media and Customer Service and Vice President)
Scott Russell (Warehouse Manager)
Richard Russell (Soon to be CFO)
Elaine Russell (CFO and Rinkya’s mom)

  • Antonio

    What a sad news. My sincere condolences to all Elain family.

    • Heather Russell

      Thank you so much. <3

  • Zoidbort

    I am soooo sorry to hear this guys :(
    Elaine was awesome and I suspect that is why you all are the same.
    I hope you are all safe and well and coping the best you can during this.
    Remember how she lived and she will live forever.
    I send my love to all


    • Heather Russell

      Your words mean everything, thank you so much. <3

  • Michael C.

    That’s so sad — but I know she must have been a wonderful person, and that she passed those wonderful qualities on to her children!

    • Heather Russell

      Michael, I don’t think we are as wonderful as her, but we are trying. Thank you for your kind words. <3

  • Grant Tobgo

    I am truly sorry to hear of the loss of your mother. May you relish the memories of her, and be thankful for the time spent together.

    • Heather Russell

      Thank you for your kind words of comfort. <3

  • Sandra

    Wow, this comes as a shot to the heart. Elaine was a wonder person (and I know a great mom!). I remember losing my mom just a few years ago how traumatic this is. It is with the most sincerity that I wish to convey my sympathy. If any of you needs to talk (ok write) you know my email (and me)….if there is anything I can do to help–PLEASE let me know.
    All my love!
    aka cosyfiep

    • Heather Russell

      Thank you so much for sharing and your kind words. We appreciate all you do for us at Rinkya. Thank you. <3

  • Terry Brown

    So sad to hear the bad news. We used to “talks” on email about grandkids. Everyone who had any contact with her will miss her. We’ll be thinking of you in these hard times and hope that may provide some comfort.

    • Heather Russell

      Terry, Your words mean so much to us. She loved all of our customers. Thank you, <3

  • Terry Brown

    So sad to hear the bad news. We used to “talk” on email about grandkids. Everyone who had any contact with her will miss her. We’ll be thinking of you in these hard times and hope that may provide some comfort.

    • Heather Russell

      Thank you so much Terry. We really appreciate your kind words. <3

  • Scott VB

    My sympathy with Rinkya and especially to the Russell family. A special and fortunate thing to spend the last years so close to your mum.

    • Heather Russell

      Your kind words truly help us during this time. Thank you so much. <3

  • Steve Durman

    All sympathy from here in Texas. Having done a lot of business with Rinkya for over 10 years, this news hits home. We’ll be thinking of you, Heather, Laurel, Scott and now Richard. Know that your family spans the globe and you have built a legacy for Elaine that will live on!

    • Heather Russell

      Your words mean so much to us. Thank you so much. <3

  • Angela Taibo

    I sent an email, but I’m so sorry for your loss. I’m in shock over this. Your family is in my prayers. ;_;

    • Heather Russell

      Thank you so much for your kind words. They are very much appreciated. <3

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