A Poop Stocking Stuffer From Japan!

Tired of getting the naughty people in your life coal?
How about some Unchi?
Cute Little poops direct from Japan!
Unchi means “poop” in Japanese.
They offer a variety of items, including golden poops called Unko as a cell phone charm.
Unko means “luck” in Japan.

Add some Unko to your life and get some Unchi sent direct to you Here.

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    Interesting post… Looks like flash memory is finally starting to become more popular. Hopefully we’ll start seeing a drop in solid state harddisk prices soon. Five dollar 32 gigabyte SDs for your DS flash card… sounds good to me!

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  • Anonymous

    So….. where is toilet? Hehe))) Joke, relax 😉
    Hope for no silence

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