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Bento Friday: New Year Bento Box Ideas

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This is the last Bento Friday of the year! Today we have some New Year bento box ideas for you from the hands of Little Miss Bento. We start with some Rooster buns and buns shaped as donuts. 2017 is the year of the Rooster, and so, rooster centered bentos are perfect for New Year. Buns are perfect to begin with the bento adventure, and roosters make great characters as well.

Let’s take a look at the rest of ideas!

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Ginza Cozy Corner x Disney Limited New Year 2017 Sweets

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Ginza Cozy Corner x Disney Limited New Year 2017 Sweets are cute and delicious! Ginza Cozy Corner is one of the most famous Japanese Sweet retailers at the moment. They create limited-edition sweets. They often collaborate with Disney Japan and create amazing sweets. New Year is around the corner, so they’re featuring Disney characters and creating Japanese traditional sweets for our delight. Plus, the packaging is amazing. The topic: New Year. The main characters: Disney ones!

Wrapping and packaging is paramount in Japan. Thus, there’s no wonder the Disney New Year boxes plenty with sweets are elegant and amazing. We start taking a look at Disney New Year Cookies can with 8 cookies. It has cookies with several shapes, including Mickey Mouse’s shape! It sells for 1080 yen including tax.

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Carrie Fisher, Princess Leia, we’ll miss you

carrie fisher, princess leia, star wars, rinkya, japan

Carrie Fisher, dearest Princess Leia, we’ll miss you! Fisher was a great personality that enlightened us with her life experience and her wisdom. She also was Princess Leia, a role model for thousands and thousands of kids who wanted to be just like her. She confronted Hollywood, she made a stand, she was a true rebel. Witty, strong, and a storm that we loved.

Star Wars is deeply love in Japan, and so, Fisher’s passing has been a bomb. Everywhere in the world. Star Wars won’t be the same. Millions of fans mourn both the character and the human being behind.

She was a Jedi in Twitter, who fought for ageing rights and against injustice. Princess Leia will be in our minds forever!

All Rinkya members are deeply sorry and want to cherish her remembering Fisher and Leia in all their glory, in all their ages. May the Force be with You, Princess.

Image source: Independent

Glico’s Champagne Pocky, Caplico and Almond Premio are delicacies

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If you loved Whiskey Pokey you’re going to love Glico’s Champagne Pocky, Caplico and Almond Premio. These new Glico alcoholic sweets contain real champagne! Glico is a Japanese sweet confectionery famous for Pocky chocolates. During New Year the company is releasing a new delicacy with champagne as one of the key ingredients. This is a sweet collaboration between Glico and famous pastry chef Hironobu Tsujiguchi, famous in Japan for his sweet creations.

One of the products that will be graced with champagne, is Glico’s Almond Premio. Champagne gives them a refreshing taste and an amazing aroma.

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Work out with Anime Songs from January!

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Prepare yourself for working out with anime songs from January! A Japanese record company called King Records and an entertainment company called Kayac are set to launch their joint project Anison Fitness. Using anime songs you can work out and get thinner. There will be also a TV program from January 11 onwards. Its title is “Anison Fitness A-Fit,” and it’s set to premiere on Tokyo MX. Yuuki Takada, a 23-year-old anime voice actress is joining the cast along with Yakko (Q’ulle member), and 17-year-old CG character Sakura Asahina, voiced by Takada. Sessions will have five-minute series and 12 episodes.

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Bento Friday: Kawaii Xmas Bento Box Ideas

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Our Bento Friday comes with some last moment ideas! Create kawaii Xmas bento boxes and make everyone happy! We know that this is a challenging time because preparations are taking lots of time, but maybe we can take some of that time to create one of these incredibly cute bento boxes! Let’s start with a Rilakkuma bento box! Rilakkuma is an easy character to use for bento boxes. Consider him for rice balls and also for sweets.

Let’s discover the rest of ideas!

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Teriyaki Chicken Karaage-kun from Lawson to Celebrate the New Year

teriyaki chicken, teriyaki, karaage-kun, lawson, rinkya, japan, new year

Lawson is to release a Teriyaki Chicken Karaage-kun and Nikuman to celebrate the New Year, the year of the rooster. You’ll be able to eat it from December 31st to celebrate the year of the Rooster. It’s delicious and nice. Plus there will be lots of commemorative products as well in collaboration with Dragon Quest.

But beware, the Teriyaki Chicken Nikuman is going to be available for a limited time only. If you’re in Japan during the Winter Holidays, you must taste it.

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Village Vanguard Green Slime Curry

village vanguard, green slime curry, slime curry, rinkya, japan

Village Vanguard has a Green Slime Curry that is as disturbing as delicious. One meal has 180 grams of goodness. It sells for 1080 yen tax included, and it’s the slimiest curry around. Although this Green Slime Curry makes the perfect companion for Halloween nights, the truth is that it can be enjoyed all year round. The Green Slime Curry contains onions, potatoes, vegetables, garlic, chicken meat and coconut milk. It’s tasty and slightly aggressive.

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