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Hunting in Japan Volume One- Sneakers- Buddy

Sneakers- Hunting in Japan Volume One discovered a fledgling member of the Japanese sneaker world. It is always good to find something new.

With a 2012 debut, Buddy is Japan’s new kid on the block in sneakers. Buddy’s line of sneakers features high quality suede in some neat colors, hand crafted and, in essence, signed by their artisan with an individual leather tag.

Buddy sneakers are fairly reasonably priced and really don’t offer specialities, you can play basketball, jog, walk or just relax in them. They don’t offer much in the jell filled, pump-up, velcro fastened world of the performance based athletic shoe, nor do they fit in the high end footwear category. Just wearable, comfortable and colorful enough to be fashionable sneakers.

Buddy sneakers tag

Buddy’s signature tag for its sneakers

The designs are simple, basic sneaker designs with no Velcro, or high tech innovations, just basic sneakers to, as the company says “Make feet happy.”

While they are fairly basic sneakers they come in a wide variety of colors and work well with numerous fashions.Buddy also makes backpacks and handbags to compliment it’s sneakers.

Sneakers by Buddy

A Line of Buddy Sneakers

As a new brand, Buddy is a brand for sneaker collectors to watch. It could just turn out to be the next big thing. Two other sneaker brands we’ve looked at, Hender Scheme and visvim were once in this place.

And even if Buddy fails to make the cut, it’s usually not a loss for the collector. Well-made products, especially ones with a good gimmick such as the individualized tag, signing each sneaker, are pretty cool if they are not being made anymore. In other words, they acquire the exclusivity of a thousand dollar pair of sneakers without the high-ticket buy in. If you collect sneakers, Buddy is a pretty good deal right now, so have a look.

Let’s Take a First Look at Nintendo Switch

Let’s take a first look at Nintendo Switch, Nintendo’s new home gaming system. After months in the dark with tons of speculation about what Nintendo would do, we’re now able to see this wonderful preview. This new home console hybrid is amazing: it’s like a PlayStation Vita, but it also is like a tablet! You can play with Nintendo Switch at home, but you can use it as a mobile console wherever you are. The console seems to include a tablet with docks for experiencing it as a traditional console and a new ultimate experience.

Since it has detachable controller modules, the console can be used by two people when outside home (or more if other people have another Nintendo Switch). The tablet also supports cartridges, so it seems that it will have a DS games feelings as well. But, we’ll need more information from Nintendo in the future. Will all games come in cartridges? Or, downloading will also be an option?

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Custom Blythe Dolls: Milk Tea Custom Blythe

custom blythe, blythe, neo blythe, neoblythe, rinkya, japan

Custom Blythe dolls make great collectibles. One of the best custom Blythe dolls out there that you can put your hands on are Milk Tea custom Blythe dolls. Today we have one second hand, and it’s adorable. This sweet custom Blythe doll is a great idea for a Christmas present. Milk Tea dolls are treasures. Be sure you get one Milk Tea doll for your collection!


Let’s take a fast look at it!

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Detective Conan Curry from Village Vanguard

detective conan, village vanguard, rinkya, japan, japan food

Detective Conan Curry from Village Vanguard is awesome! You can find this delicacy in Village Vanguard, a store with tons of amazing geeky stuff. Detective Conan Curry comes in two types: black criminal curry and brilliant white curry. Each of them cost 648 including tax, and are set to be sold from October onwards.

The black criminal curry has black pork curry. The pack has 200 grams, enough for one serving.

Detective Conan is one of the most famous manga (and anime) existing out there. Having the opportunity to enjoy Detective Conan’s curry is a total delight. If you have the opportunity to get your hands on it, do it! (Also, let us know if you are interested in getting yours.)

Source: Entabe
Image source: Entabe

Halloween 2016 in Japan: 6 spooky-cute cakes to try

halloween, halloween 2016, halloween 2016 cakes, halloween cakes, cakes, rinkya, japan

Halloween 2016 in Japan is plenty of amazing spooky-cute cakes to try and enjoy. We have six delicious cakes that you can try if you are around Japan for Halloween. We start with a super cute Ghost Cake from Lawson. This chocolate marvel was released on October 11 and it sells for 295 yen including tax. This is a white chocolate cake with whipped cream. It has chocolate mousse and it’s certainly super cute!

Let’s discover the rest of the cakes!

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Custom Blythe Dolls: Sourire Custom Blythe

halloween, custom blythe, blythe, neo blythe, neoblythe, rinkya, japan

Custom Blythe dolls make great collectibles, like this Sourire custom Blythe. She is super sweet. It has a wonderful makeup and an amazing dress set. She will make an excellent add to your custom Blythe collection. But you must hurry, she is available for bidding for less than a day! She has a wonderful carved face and a great outfit. Don’t miss her!


Let’s take a closer look at her together!

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Hunting in Japan Volume One- Sneakers- RFW

Sneakers- Hunting in Japan Volume One ran into a Japanese standard that is just beginning to break into the world market. One of the best selling brands in Japan, it started exporting only recently.

RFW Tokyo began as Rhythm Footwear in 1998. Until recently the brand was sold exclusively in Japan. While lacking a lot of designer features and focusing on simple silhouettes, RFW adds subtle details that catch the eye and make RFW kicks unique.

RFW Tokyo produces pretty basic sneakers without the pretensions of designer sneakers or the innovations of athletic shoes. However many feature imaginative color combinations and patterns, some in tune with the season they were released in. This makes it easy to single out RFW sneakers in a crowd. RFW sneakers are very popular in Japan and may soon replicate that success in the worldwide sneaker market.

Simplicity of design married to imaginative color and pattern choices seems to be a very good idea for sneakers. Sneakers in plaid, various camouflage designs, leafs and stars, compliment simple solid colors alone or in combination to create new and exciting looks.

RFW sneakers

RFW Eye-Catching Detail

RFW keeps things simple with high quality sneakers that are distinctive but without the bells and whistles that seem to predominate the sneaker industry. The design is basic, like the classic sneaker Converse’ Chuck Taylor or All-star sneakers, rather timeless and basic sneakers, but dressed in all new clothes. Making the most of all the things you can do to canvas and suede to make it prettier and more colorful.

patterned RFW sneakers

Imaginative Combinations on RFW sneakers

Long time staple of the Japanese sneaker market RFW is just beginning to break into the worldwide sneaker marketplace. It should be A hit among those who like simple designs filled with eye-catching detail.  

Bento Friday: Halloween Bento Box Ideas

halloween, kawaii bento box, kawaii bento box ideas, bento box, bento box ideas, bento, bentos, rinkya, japan

We have a super cute Bento Friday with lots of Halloween bento box ideas. We start with cute little rice Halloween onigiri. Easy rice balls are a great idea for Halloween. They are cute, and perfect for beginners. These are wonderful for Halloween parties and to share with family and friends.

Let’s take a closer look to the rest of ideas!

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Hunting in Japan Volume One- Sneakers- visvim

Sneakers- Hunting in Japan Volume One cornered another creative manufacturer of sneakers. This one features a breadth and depth of design that is actually breathtaking.

Hiroki Nakamura’s visvim has been creating waves in the sneaker market since 2001. Visvim sneakers are anything but ordinary. 

Roland jogger sneakers

A Unique Sneaker Design visvim’s Roland Jogger

Nakamura delves into several cultures such as vintage Americana, Japanese Edo period garments, Amish patchwork, Native American footwear, French work clothes, the Alaskan outdoors, and Finnish Sami tribe culture to create rather unique sneakers and other things, such as unique clothing and fashion accessories.

The breadth of design motifs used by visvim is amazing in it’s scope and diversity. Ideas seem to fly into visvim’s creative machine from all corners of the Earth. Visvim’s sneakers push the sneaker envelope to include things that were never before thought of as sneakers.

Right now the talk of the sneaker world is the FBT, a sneaker inspired by Native American moccasins. While not quite in the rarefied realm of Hender Scheme, visvim sneakers aren’t in the bargain basement either. So search carefully for sneaker bargains.

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Hiroshima Kit Kat Limited Momiji Manju

hiroshima, kitkat, momiji, manju, japan food, japanese food, rinkya, japan

Welcome the Hiroshima Kit Kat limited Momiji Manju! This is the latest Kit Kat release featuring the famous Hiroshima maple leaf red bean cakes. If you’re travelling around Japan, and love Kit Kat, you can try out this super limited and unique Kit Kat with a very local and traditional taste. This is a great souvenir from Hiroshima. Hiroshima is famous for its Momiji Manju, no wonder Kit Kat had to feature the flavor sooner or later.

This realease had been made in collaboration with Takatsudo, a 100-year-old local business famous for their Momiji Manju. They started their business back in 1906 selling the famous Momiji Manju. Now, many shops sell these cakes.

Takatsudo is located in Miyajima, one of the most beautiful places in all Japan. Their Momiji Manju are also delicious. That’s why, if you’re in the area, trying to eat the Kit Kat is a must. Kit Kat is composed by wafers and chocolate. This time, for this limited version, we find red bean paste in the wafers and the Manju flavor in the chocolate. The Momiji (mapple leaf) symbol is on top.

This Kit Kat flavor will be available in the region from October 3 to March 10, 2017. It will cost 350 yen, and 800 yen a pack of 12 (tax not included). Don’t miss it!

Source: Entabe
Image source: Entabe