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Crunchyroll Adds “Space Patrol Luluco” Manga To Its Digital Manga Library

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Great news! Crunchyroll adds “Space Patrol Luluco” manga to its digital manga library. Crunchyroll has announced their addition of a new manga to their digital manga library: Trigger’s “Space Patrol Luluco.” The manga is available for all Crunchyroll users around the world excluding Japan.

“Space Patrol Luluco” its a short anime about a thirteen-year-old girl who lives in the solar system frontier called Ogikubo. Her father works for the Space Patrol. She goes to the school and seems to have a normal life. However, her father has an accident and is frozen, she takes his place in the Space Patrol, becoming the head of division. She is sent to daily missions to protect Ogikubo space frontier from space criminals.

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Starbucks Japan June’s new Frappuccino is Baked Cheese Cake!

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Starbucks Japan June’s new Frappuccino is baked cheese cake! As you already know, Starbucks Japan uses to released special flavors each season. For this summer, we have a very special one, tasting as sweets. Starbucks Japan has prepared a new super yummy Frappuccino flavor to be release on June 1st: backed cheese cake. The cake has Graham biscuit taste and a crunchy mix. The Frappuccino is topped with tasty whipped cream mimicking a golden brown baked cheese cake. The Frappuccino has a dessert feeling and it’s perfect to drink on a hot day. It will be sold for 610 yen excluding tax. It will start selling on July 1st for the joys of everyone visiting Japan.

If you’re visiting Japan during this summer, remember to enter into a Starbucks and try out this new Frappuccino with baked cheese cake taste. Remember: it will be available for a limited time only, as the season lasts. It has a fresh desert flavor, an amazing texture and a wonderful image.

Source: Entabe
Image source: Entabe

Would you try these new Japanese Chocolate Chip Salt Watermelon Cookies?

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Would you try these new Japanese Chocolate Chip Salt Watermelon Cookies? Ito chocolate, a famous chocolate and sweet maker, has created a new chocolate cookies with a very unlikely flavor: salt watermelon. What are the odds to choose this flavor in the West? Thin, obviously. However, Japan has made it yet again! And we’re happy for that! It will be released on May 23rd for all of us to enjoy. It’ll cost 220yen excluding tax. The dough cookies will have an amazing watermelon flavor with a pinch of salt, and chocolate cookies. Chocolate chips have tiny chocolate seeds for you to enjoy. The salt brings up the taste of watermelon, and the whole combination is just amazing.

Even if this flavor choice might seem somewhat unusual, it isn’t so for Japan. Sumer time is the time for enjoying watermelons on the seaside. Thus, Ito’s choice for watermelon just makes sense. Since summer is around the corner, so the watermelon flavor is the one to win this season!

If you’re travelling around Japan, stop by a convenience store or a supermarket and get your hands on them and try them out. If you’re interested in them and want to have tons of wonderful cookie boxes for you to try, let us know.

Remember, these wonderful cookies will be available from May 23! A box is plan to cost 220 yen excluding taxes. Don’t miss them!

Source: Entabe
Image source: Entabe

IS -Infinite Stratos- Bunny Girl Project welcomes Kanzashi Sarashiki!

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IS -Infinite Stratos- Bunny Girl Project welcomes Kanzashi Sarashiki! This sexy figurine by FREEing mesures 1/4 scale (around 40.5cm tall). She has net tights that appear authentic and a super sexy bunny outfit. As you might already know, Kanzashi Sarashiki is the IS Academy’s Student Council President’s younger sister. Pre-orders are available till June 8. However, this amazing figurine will start shipping on November 2016. Don’t miss this opportunity to pre-order her!


Let’s take a closer look at her!

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Custom Blythe Dolls: Basara Custom Blythe Peach

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Custom Blythe dolls can be really sweet, like this Basara custom Blythe Peach. She is just peachy! She is fresh, amazing, sweet and peachy. She has wonderful makeup, super nice hair, wonderful lips, amazing eyes, and a wonderful dress set. Don’t miss this opportunity to get her home. There are only some few hours left to bid for her! Adopt Peach and have a peachy collection now! [Note: there are only some hours left to bid for this beauty.]


Let’s take a closer look together!

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Custom Blythe Dolls: Anfisa Custom Blythe Alice (in Wonderland)

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Custom Blythe dolls make great collectibles, like this Anfisa custom Blythe Alice (in Wonderland). She is not only super sweet and amazing, she is a very special Alice with super fluffy rabbit ears. She also comes with a nice dress set and the will to brighten your days forever! Don’t hesitate and adopt this amazing Anfisa custom Blythe Alice (in Wonderland) now.


Let’s take a closer look at this amazing doll!

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Bento Friday: Super Kawaii Bento Box Ideas To Try Out

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Our bento Friday this week has super kawaii bento box ideas to try out. These ideas are super cute and you can easily try all of them out at home. We start with ice cream bread buns. These are super cute and also a wonderful buns to play with arranging them in different ways. These cute buns are perfect to accompany any bentos.

Let’s take a look at the rest of ideas!

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Meiji’s Kinoko no Yama new flavors: Banana and Mango!

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Meiji’s Kinoko no Yama new flavors: Banana and Mango! If you like Meiji chocolate, you’re going to love their new tropical flavors: banana for Kinoko no Yama and mango for their Takenoko no sato. Mountain Mushrooms (Kinoko no Yama) and Takenoko no sato (village bamboo shoots) are one of the best Meiji chocolates out there (or at least, that’s what I believe). These two amazing chocolates will come with tropical flavors from May 17! It’s expected for each box to cost 200 yen excluding tax. Kinoko no Yama will have banana taste: sweet and mellow flavored mountain mushrooms will enlighten your tongue for sure! Village bamboo shoots have also a very particular taste: refreshing mango. Both chocolates are a must try for those who love Meiji chocolate.

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Find Gudetama Fair at Circle K and Sunkus!

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Find Gudetama Fair at Circle K and Sunkus! If you love Gudetama, you’re going to love this fair! Convenience stores Circle K and Sunkus are helding the Gudetama from May 10 to May 22. During this short time, they’re releasing special Gudetama items, including super yummy cream breads and rice balls with the image of Gudetama. Many items will be available for purchasing till June, and many are as cheap as 298 yen including tax.

Let’s take a look at some of the yummy Gudetama items that will be available!

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BABYMETAL reacts to youtubers react to BABYMETAL and it’s just lovely. As you know, BABYMETAL is a Japanese kawaii metal band who is getting more and more famous worldwide, especially in the US. They’re really cute and amazing when reacting to youtubers who react to their music. BABYMETAL’s style can be defined as kawaii metal, but it’s basically a cute mixture of metal and Jpop. Their videos are colorful, energetic and full of amazing images. If BABYMETAL’s videos are so fun, can you imagine a full concert? I bet it might be just amazing. But, before showing you how these pretty girls reacted to youtubers reacting to their music, let’s take a look at the reactions of youtubers first.

So, even the ones who didn’t know how to define BABYMETAL’s music, ended up liking it despite their first faces of surprise!

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