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Bento Friday: More Super Kawaii Bento Box Ideas

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Welcome to another Bento Friday! This week we have more super kawaii bento box ideas from Bento Days for you! Take notes if you need to, because this week we have a cuteness overload with food! Super cute Tsum Tsum ideas and a super sweet dessert! We star with Little Twin Stars bento box. These are super sweet and cute characters to use for bentos. Granted, you’ll need some food coloring but you can come out with other ideas if you don’t want to use edible coloring. They make the perfect rice balls! Don’t you think!?

Let’s find out all about the other bento box ideas!

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Valentine 2016: Let’s get in Love with McDonald’s Chocolate Fries!!!

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So, what to do during Valentine 2016?? Why not trying McDonald’s chocolate fries!? McDonald’s Japan is offering McChoco Potato since January 26. It might look like a weird combination, but reality is that February is the love month in Japan and you can find chocolate almost everywhere. Now McDonald’s has made it possible for us to enjoy chocolate sauces on our fries! (In Japan, of course.) So, if you’re in Japan, prepare yourself to enjoy balanced sweet x salty fries!! If you’re an American you already know that fries are pretty salty in the US. However, in Japan fries are served much less salty, so the combination of chocolate and salty fries works!

Want to know more?

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Sword Art Online: Must Have Figurines

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As a lot of you know, Sword Art Online took the anime community by storm when it first came out. The anime is based off of a series of light novels that were written by Kawahara Reki. It was picked up for publication in April of 2009 with ASCII Media Works’ Dengeki Bunko. The anime started in July of 2012, and it was produced by A-1 Pictures and directed by Tomohiko Ito. It was so popular that a second season was in the works and Sword Art Online II aired in July of 2014.

The third season is making a lot of buzz in the anime community with the release slated for summer of this year. I can guarantee there will be new figures around the corner but for now, let’s look at some popular figures from the series that are ready to purchase. These are must have figurines in your collection! Let’s take a look at them together!

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OUAT/ Once Upon A Time: Snow White & Evil Queen Poison Apple Necklaces from Q-pot

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OUAT/ Once Upon A Time fans rejoice! Snow White & Evil Queen Poison Apple Necklaces from Q-pot are here and they’re super cute! These super cute necklaces are the best option for Snow White and the Evil Queen lovers. Let’s start with Snow White’s poison apple necklace! It’s a beauty! The Snow White / Meruti Poison Apple Necklace has been imagined by Q-pot for you to enjoy! The apple looks yummy, the hero in the apple is amazing, but we all know what happens with that apple! This time, however, to remember our favorite hero, we’re going to enjoy this awesome necklace! It’s made of polyester, SW, brass, and high metal. The chain measures 65.0cm, the adjuster, 5.0cm and the motif H4.3 × W3.8 × D3.3cm. Don’t miss the opportunity to have this gorgeous necklace! Items are going to sell out soon! We recommend you to buy yours as soon as possible to make sure you get one.


Let’s get a closer look at it together and discover the Evil Queen’s necklace!

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Japan Fashion: Robe Japonica in Harajuku, Super Handsome Men

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Japan fashion can be really amazing, specially if we’re talking about Robe Japonica in Harajuku, a brand that turns men into super handsome men thanks to their kimonos and great designs. Robe Japonica opened a store in Harajuku last December 19. This brand is more than fashionable kimonos, it’s also a way of thinking modern Japan. A flagship for Japanese pop culture, Robe Japonica shows us how Japanese men can be when mixing Japanese ideas with ideas from the West.

But, are these kimono just for men?

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Sanji from One Piece: You Need Him in Your Collection

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As you already know, One Piece is one of the most popular manga and anime series worldwide. It has sold millions of copies each year and has even made the New York best seller’s list for books several times in a row. It all started in July of 1997 when creator Eiichiro Oda had the series serialized in Shueisha’s Weekly Shounen Jump. He envisioned his manga to end within 5 years. However, as more ideas came into his mind, he just continued writing and drawing the manga we know now today after over 15 years. The anime first aired 2 years after the manga was published in October of 1999. So far the anime has 727 episodes as well as 12 movies with another on the way titled “One Piece Film: Gold” coming out this year in July.

We won’t talk about One Piece today, but about one of the favorite lady’s man and chef Sanji! The Straw Hat crew would probably go hungry without his extraordinary cooking skills! Despite having a fun and electric personality, when it comes down to serious issues he is always beside his crew. In the latest issue of Shueisha’s Shounen Weekly, the truth about Sanji’s real name was revealed in One Piece chapter 812. In honor of this we want to explore with you some of the awesome figures that are a perfect match for all Sanji lovers. Let’s go for it!

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Custom Blythe Dolls: Pink Rabbit Sweet Lolita Custom Blythe

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Custom Blythe dolls are fashionable little divas. This pink Rabbit sweet Lolita custom Blythe is a great example on how Japanese custom Blythe dolls can enchant your days and bring you joy and fashion! If you like Lolita fashion, this is your custom Blythe doll! She is sweet, amazing, and a tiny fashionable diva that loves pictures! (She is great to use as a model and take tons of pictures about her!) Prettam has used a Irish Allure (natural skin) doll as base to create this amazing custom Blythe doll. Bid for her before it’s too late! She’s one of a kind!


Let’s discover all about her together!

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Custom Blythe Dolls: Asterisk Custom Blythe

custom blythe, blythe, neo blythe, neoblythe, rinkya, japan

Custom Blythe dolls make great collectibles, specially if they’re as cute as this Asterisk custom Blythe doll. This beauty is only available for bidding for some more hours! Bid for her quickly before it’s too late! This is a wonderful opportunity to have an Asterisk custom Blythe at home! This is a gorgeous doll that will enchant your days and brighten your mood always. She has been carefully made, as all other Asterisk custom Blythe dolls. The theme for her is flowers. Waiting for the spring to come, this custom Blythe will make your days radiant!


Let’s take a closer look at her and discover all around this beauty!

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Bento Friday: Kawaii Bento Box Ideas, Tsum Tsum Sushi and Burgers

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Our Bento Friday comes super hot this time! We have kawaii bento box ideas for you focused on tsum tsum sushi and burgers! Embrace yourself for a great dose of cuteness and for a wonderful set of ideas for you to enjoy preparing bentos about your favorite characters. We start with Monsters Inc tsum tsum sushi! This is a great idea for having a super cute meal. Monsters Inc make the perfect sushi rolls! Try them out!

Let’s take a closer look at the rest of super kawaii ideas together!

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Sailor Moon News: Sailor Moon × ISETAN 2016 events & Sailor Moon × BABY-G 2nd Collaboration

baby g, isetan, sailor moon, rinkya, japan

We’ve got great Sailor Moon news! There are new Sailor Moon × ISETAN 2016 events & a Sailor Moon × BABY-G 2nd Collaboration! Isetan Shinjuku Main Store, 7th floor, will held a series of events during 2016, from March 16 to 22. It will also be held in Osaka and, for the first time this year, Nagoya. Isetan will also have a gorgeous display of Sailor Moon Moonlight Love Girls ~ Let’s Prism Power Make Up! Theme ~ with unique items.

Along with the events scheduled by Isetan, a Sailor Moon x BABY-G is also here! With this second collaboration we’ll be able to have a Sailor Moon BABY-G with a pink panel LCD. It will also have a Moon silhouette! It will also have a Crystal Star compact case as accessory, which is super cute. This case can be used for many purposes, not only to keep your Sailor Moon BABY-G!

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