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Bento Friday: Happy New Year Kawaii Bento Box Ideas

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This week’s bento Friday is special! Let’s have a Happy New Year first and enjoy it with some kawaii bento box ideas! Bento Days has created some cute and easy bentos during this week. Prepare yourself for the first cuteness overload of the year! We start with the Cheshire Cat! If you love Alice in Wonderland, you’re going to love this idea. Rice has never been so fun! You only need to find edible color to create the Cheshire Cat! It’s fun and easy!

Let’s discover all the other super cool bento box ideas together!

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Lawson Sweet New Year Osechi Set + Double Cream Roll Cake

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Lawson Sweet New Year Osechi and double cream Roll cake are amazing! If you’re travelling around Japan, don’t hesitate to buy these Japanese sweets from Lawson Japan! From December 30 you’ll be able to enjoy these wonderful sweets! Lawson Sweet New Year Osechi has 6 different mini cakes with sweet chestnus, sweet white Tsubuan and red Daifuku. They also have a strawberry rolls, pure raw cream chocolate cakes and cream cheese cakes. This set costs 980 yen including tax and are super yummy!

Let’s discover the roll cake!

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Happy Year of the Monkey! Rinkya Shipping Schedule for Dec 31st to Jan 8th

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Happy Year of the Monkey!! All the staff of Rinkya wishes you a Happy New Year 2016!! From December 31st to January 8th our shipping department will be closed for the holidays. Thank you for your patience while our elves get a little bit of rest! Happy Holidays!

Remember that you can keep on bidding, pre-ordering and buying items with Rinkya. As soon as our little elves come back from their rest, we’ll resume shipments! Please feel free to bid and buy and enjoy the Rinkya experience!

As you know 2016 is the year of the Monkey. The Monkey is a smart, clever and intelligent animal, and so next year prepare yourself for great things! If you’re eager to work hard, the monkey will help you!

We hope you’ll have a very wealthy and productive 2016!! May your wishes come true! From all Rinkya family we wish you the best!

Japanese Happy New Year Monkey Cakes!

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Japanese Happy New Year Monkey cakes are super cute! 2016 is the year of the monkey, hence the monkey motives for decorating New Year’s cakes all over Japan. You can find this super cute New Year monkey cake in Chateraise from December 31 to January 3, 2016 for only 432 yen including taxes.

This New Year monkey cake has a super cute monkey motif with super cute eyes! It’s made with cream and chocolate sponge. It also has chocolate mousse and it’s finished with a super cute monkey.

Let’s take a look at the other yummy cakes!

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Manekineko Cookies from Fauchon Eclair!

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Manekineko cookies from Fauchon Eclair are super cute! As you know Manekinekos are kitties that bring good luck in Japan. They have one pow up and move it to bring good luck to their owners. They can be usually found in shops and restaurants all over Japan. During New Year you can also see many Manekineko-themed products. Faucho Paris has decided to enrol the Manekineko train and create cute Manekineko cookies to wish you good luck during 2016. Fauchon released these cookies on December 26 and will be out till they sell out. You can find them for 648 yen including the tax.

Fauchon also did something similar last year. Wishing “bonne chance” in French, which translates to good luck, the company wants you to have a blast during next year. These biscuits are super yummy and creamy. They are also finished with sweet sake! They measure about 13 cm each and weight around 60grams.

Don’t miss the opportunity to eat them if you are spending New Year in Japan! Remember, all Manekinekos that you find around you are calling the good luck home!

Source: Entabe
Image source: Entabe

Rinkya News: KOTORI loves. 101: LoveLive! In-Ear Headphones

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Super cool Rinkya news! KOTORI loves. 101: LoveLive! In-Ear Headphones are here! LoveLive! is joining the KOTORI loves. 101 series of in-ear headphones and the collection rocks! All versions feature the right ear plug with colorful triangle patterns featuring the image colors of the nine members of μ’s. However, the left ear plug features each character’s image with its color. Too cool! All headphones are available for pre-order till January 20! They all start shipping on March 2016! Pre-order your favorite ones before the deadline!

KOTORI loves. 101: LoveLive! Honoka Kosaka Ver. measures 2.8cm x 1.2cm / Cable Length: 1.2m. Pre-orders are available till January 20. Pre-order yours now!


Let’s take a look at all the other versions!

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Sailor Moon News: Sailor Moon Prism Stationery Kaleido Moon Scope from Premium Bandai

sailor moon, prism stationary, bandai, premium bandai, rinkya, japan

We have great Sailor Moon News! Sailor Moon Prism Stationery Kaleido Moon Scope from Premium Bandai is here! And it rocks! This is a ballpoint pen that can extend itself. You can write with it, do Cosplay, and use it as a pointer! You can extend it up to about 36cm!! You can use it as a ballpoint pen by removing the transparent parts. Or you can use it with the feathers in a similar way like the Kaleidoscope Moon from the movie! Pre-orders are available till items last! It will ship in April 2016. Don’t miss it!


Let’s take a closer look at it together!

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Custom Blythe Dolls: Asico’s Dark Rabbit Alice in Wonderland Custom Blythe

custom blythe, blythe, neo blythe, neoblythe, rinkya, japan

Custom Blythe dolls based on books are one of the best collectibles out there. Asico’s Dark Rabbit is based on Alice in Wonderland! Alice in Wonderland custom Blythe dolls are super cute, and this doll is no exception to the rule! She is sweet, amazing and will bring magic to your collection! She is available for bidding just for some hours. Don’t miss this opportunity to adopt this gorgeous custom Blythe doll!


Let’s take a closer look at her together!

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Custom Blythe Dolls: Custom Blythe New Year Kimono

custom blythe, blythe, neo blythe, neoblythe, rinkya, japan

Custom Blythe dolls make the greatest collectibles ever. This week we have a custom Blythe New Year Kimono doll for you! She is amazing, sweet and perfect! Her pale and friendly makeup matches her kimono perfectly. She is sweet and a super cute ginger! Don’t miss this New Year Kimono custom Blythe! There are just some hours left to bid for her!


Let’s take a closer look to this small diva!

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Bento Friday: Super Cute Bento Box Ideas for Xmas 2015

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Our bento Friday comes with our best Xmas wishes for you! We have super cute bento box ideas for Xmas 2015 from Bento Days! We start with a simple Santa Sushi! This is also a perfect idea to create some sushi for Xmas parties, and not only for a bento box. Santa brings presents, but he also brings joy! Let’s celebrate a different Xmas with this super cute Santa Sushi!

Let’s discover the rest of bento box ideas together!

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