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Sailor Moon Schedule 2016 & Pen Case from Premium Bandai

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Sailor Moon schedule 2016 & pen case from Premium Bandai are incredibly cute! You can pre-order them right now! (These are going to sell out in record time for sure! They’re too cute!). We start with Sailor Moon Denim Pen Case. It comes in pink and blue. Both are really super cute. It measures W170xH100xD75mm, and it’s made of polyester. It starts selling on July 2015. Pre-order your favorite one here:


Let’s discover the rest of items!

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Game of Thrones Jon Snow, A Song of Ice and Fire

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Game of Thrones is one of the best TV shows on air now. Game of Thrones Jon Snow is one of the hotest characters ever. Prepare yourself for A Song of Ice and Fire Jon Snow figurine that will enchant you! This figurine is super realistic. So, prepare yourself to have the real Jon Snow right in front of you!

He measures 290mm. Pre-orders are available till June 24, 2015. He ships on October 2015. Pre-order before he sells out!


Let’s take a closer look at him!

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Pixiv Fan Art: the work of Creayus

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Pixiv fan art is the best! Today we are going to explore the work of Creayus: it is fresh, sexy, cute and fast. It makes you wonder, dream and want to explore the life and deed of its characters. Most of the drawings depict a cute girl with green hair 😉 You’ll love her! Current works are Make Some NOISE and ADDICT NOISE (both for 18+ audiences).

Let’s take a closer look at the work and fantasies of Creayus. (You’re going to love them!)

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