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Bento Friday: super cute bento box ideas

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This week Bento Friday is too cute! We have super cute bento box ideas for you. Take a look at all the pictures and get inspired to create super cute bentos for your family and friends!! We start with some Monsters. Too cute to be eaten, right?

The idea is to create compelling bento boxes with simple ideas. You can start with simple characters and go up from there.

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Taco Bell Japan translation fails: Crunchwrap Supreme Beef is “Supreme Court Beef”

While people queue in the hundreds outside the first Taco Bell Japan, its website shows up quite a funny story: Taco Bell Japan translation fails are too funny to be ignored! On our top is the “Supreme Court Beef.” I didn’t know we would be eating High Court Beef in Taco Bell Japan!

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Cosplay: Awesome Gender Swapped Star Wars

star wars, star wars cosplay, cosplay, gender swap, rinkya, japan

Star Wars is heat at the moment, and while we wait for the film we’ll take a look at awesome gender swapped Star Wars cosplays! Some are great, and others are really funny! We have some sexy ones as well.

We start with R2D2 and C-3PO, ballerina-style (Double Moacle & Oracle Apple Sniffer). The dresses are really cute! I wonder, how would Star Wars look like if we had them in ballerina-style?

Let’s take a look at the rest!

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Custom Blythe Dolls: Interview with Milk Tea (part II)

milk tea, milk tea custom blythe, interview, rinkya, japan, blythe dolls

Rinkya: Do you collect Custom Blythe dolls aside from creating them?

Milk Tea: There are many ways. Other people have different ways to custom their dolls, and taking a look to them is a great way of learning.

R: ¿Colecciona muñecas Custom Blythe a parte de crearlas?

MT: Hay muchas maneras. Otra gente tiene diferentes maneras de customizar muñecas, y tomar una ojeada es una buena forma de aprender.

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