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Rinkya Japanese Flashcards: “hiku hiku”

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Are you collecting Rinkya Japanese flashcards?? Then, you are going to love this one! Today we are going to learn “hiku hiku”. This is a very nice onomatopoeia which means “twitching”. You might find it in comics, mainly, but you can also use it on a daily basis, if the opportunity to use it arises.

A good way to learn Japanese onomatopoeia is to read manga. In manga you can find lots of different onomatopoeia, in the perfect situations. So, I highly recommend you to choose a manga of your liking and read it. You will find out many interesting words and onomatopoeia you can use on a daily basis (just beware of the grammar, sometimes it’s not the best way to go, but for lingo manga are great!)

How many Rinkya Japanese flashcards have you collected so far? Which is your favorite one? Can you remember all of them?

Rinkya Staff Pick Ups Special: Halloween must haves

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I am so exited! We are starting a new section in our blog! Rinkya Staff Pick ups! And we start with a very special must-have list! Prepare yourself for the best pick ups ever!

Totoro is one of my favorite animes and this is a cel that is an END cel. So, what’s an “End Cel”? An end cel is the last cel in a cel sequence. It is often marked with ‘End’ or ‘E’ or sometimes even ‘tome’ (meaning stop). All end cels are also key cels because the last frame in a sequence is drawn out by the gengaman (key animator). Here we have a very special End Cel: the Neko bus!

Get this awesome My Neighbor Totoro End Cel featuring the Neko Bus!


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Sailor Moon special: Pullip Sailor Venus + Earphone Jack Set

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Today we have an awesome Sailor Moon special: a super cute Pullip Sailor Venus and a great Earphone Jack Set to make your Cosplay go beyond kawaii.

Pullip Sailor Venus is really cute! She comes with two sets of clothing, a stand and a profile card. She is really awesome! A great Pullip doll to have in your collection.

If you are thinking about Xmas presents, this is your opportunity as well. Starts selling on November 2014, but pre-orders are accepted right now. Remember that pre-order items sell out before starting to be sold. If you want to be sure to get yours, pre-order it now through Rinkya Direct.


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Rinkya Japanese Flashcards: “seishin sei-i”

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Learning cool Japanese with Rinkya Japanese flashcards? Yay! Then you are going to love today’s flashcard: “seishin sei-i”. Let’s begin!! This expression is composed by two words: “seishin” (sincerity) and “sei-i” (good faith). When you want to state that something was done from the heart and with good faith, you can use this expression. It can also be translated as “in all sincerity”. So, when you want to express also that you want to say something in a serious manner, and with your heart in your hands, you can also use this expression.

How many Rinkya Japanese flashcards have you collected so far? Which is your favorite one? How many can you remember?

Rinkya Japanese Flashcards: “taiheiraku”

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How many Rinkya Japanese flashcards have you remembered by heart? All of them? Good! Today we are going to learn a very easy word: “taiheiraku.” It means “happy-go-lucky.” This word has 3 kanji: “tai” (plump, or being big “around”), “hei” (peace, flat) and “raku” (comfort). The description is of some situation or someone who is really peaceful: so flat and plump that is comfortable. So, it means “happy-go-lucky.”

Can you think of any situations in which you can apply “taiheiraku”?

Collect all Rinkya Japanese flashcards and learn Japanese having fun!

One Piece CaramellDansen

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Today we have another crazy idea for Halloween: One Piece CaramellDansen! So, if you are planning to cosplay as any character of One Piece, and do it with your friends… Why not adding CaramellDansen to the equation? It will be fun! (If you click on the image above, you’ll find a funny video).

What do you need for this endeavor? You need to cosplay as your favorite One Piece character. Then you also need CaramellDansen track and be eager to move your body with the sound of the music! Yup, as simple!

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I’d like to be an Ama, Japanese mermaid

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I’d like to be as beautiful as Ama, Japanese mermaid. Ama (海女) means “woman of the sea”. Ama are specialized free-diving women who are able to go down into the sea around 30 feet, into the cold water, wearing simple clothing, to gather shellfish. They were able to work during 4 hours! These strong women maintained the traditional way of diving (including the clothing) just till recently.

Ama divers, Japanese mermaids, used to collect oysters and pick up the pearls. They got bonuses if they could find pearls. So, the business started up and went well till tourism arrived. Ama used to do their jobs with simple clothing, only covering the lower parts of their bodies. However, due to the astonishment of tourists, in 1964 full body suits were introduced. So, the tradition kind of broke up in the moment the whole suit was introduced.

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Rinkya Japanese Flashcards: “doro doro”

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Are you enjoying the ride with Rinkya Japanese flashcards? Yay! Today we have a “muddy” one: “doro doro”. It means to be covered in mud, to be muddled, or to be handling a very syrupy liquid. So, imagine you are drinking some type of syrupy jelly-like drink. You can then describe it as “doro doro”. Or, when you were a kid and ended up into the mud playing, you also ended up quite “doro doro”.

This is a very nice onomatopoeia to use. You can find it in comics, specially describing muddy situations, or muddy characters. But you can also find it into the real life: kids having fun and getting dirty will provably end up “doro doro”, or if you wait too much for an ice-cream, instead of having it you are having a “doro doro” ice-cream soup.

How many Rinkya Japanese flashcards can you remember? Which is your favorite one?

Guess the Fandom crossovers, it’s fun!

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And here we go again with some cool Fandom Crossovers!! Let’s guess the fandom crossovers and have loads of fun! This week we have a very easy one. I am sure you know them all, but just in case there are some hints.

The first fandom crossover depicts the dark side (yes, yes: come to the dark side, we have cookies!) One of the main characters that you can see in the picture can shapeshift in whatever he wants! They are all magical and they have really cool powers.

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