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Pre-order your Sailor Moon Mars and Uranus Bishoujo Figures

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Pre-order your Sailor Moon 20th Anniversary Bishoujo Sailor Moon Mars and Sailor Moon Uranus through Rinkya Direct. Sailor Moon is preparing a lot of wonderful goodies to celebrate Sailor Moon 20th Anniversary including wonderful figures. These are really nice and great items to have for collection or to enjoy. While Sailor Mars is in combat and showing up all her strength, Sailor Uranus is capable of moving! You can put her on the pose you want the most, and you can make her as sweet, rebellious or spooky as you want.

Sailor Moon Mars is in action! Made by Figuarts Zero, she is 190mm. Sexy and with a lot of energy, this figure will look great anywhere! Plus, thanks to Premium Bandai you can order 12 figures per person (which is a quite huge limit to have). I always end up buying two figures, one to display and the other to keep in a box. Having such a limit ensures that I can satisfy myself easily.

All the energy that Sailor Moon Mars is displaying is courageous! Her face is cute but menacing, and her whole body is pure action. A great figure to have at home! Pre-orders are opened now. She will start selling on February 2015. Pre-order before it’s too late!

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Rinkya Japanese Flashcards: “shinshou boudai”

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Have you ever exaggerated so much that your friends are telling you that you are creating a huge mountain out of a molehill?? Well, in Japanese, to say that you are exaggerating too much, or that you are creating a mountain out of a molehill we say “shinshou boudai.” It literally means “small needle, big stick.”

You can use this expression when explaining to your friends that someone is exaggerating too much when explaining something, feeling something, etc. It is a very useful expression, and it comes in handy too. Use this expressions when:
– Somebody exaggerates a lot explaining something
– Somebody is making a mountain out of a molehill. For example, someone is feeling badly because of an unimportant issue but that person is unable to realize it. Help him/her overcome it by using this expression and by talking to him/her in a sweet way.

“Shinshou boudai” is useful but it can also be negative sometimes, specially if the person who exaggerates doesn’t take it in a good way. So, be cautious when using it.

So far, how many Rinkya Japanese Flashcards have you collected? Which is your favorite one? What do you think about “shinshou boudai”? Do you think you can use “shinshou boudai” in a normal conversation with your friends? Let us know!

Bento Friday: cute Pikachu bento box

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Today we have a very yummy super kawaii Pikachu bento box! It is yummy and funny!

We need the following ingredients: ketchup, eggs, boiled rice, ham, cheese, nori, mix vegetables (including broccoli and boiled carrots), and some cherry tomatoes.

Once we’ve boiled the rice, we mix it with some ketchup. You can mix it with tomato sauce if you prefer. We mix some eggs and we make an omelette, very thin one. We cut it with Pikachu ear shapes, and then we cut some nori to put on the ears. We’ll get pika-pika cute ears!

Then we take the boiled rice mixed with ketchup (or tomato sauce) and we create Pikachu’s face. Then we put on a slice of cheese, and on top of this one the omelette, and we cover it all till we can only see the omelette, as seen in the picture.

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Rinkya Japanese Flashcards: “buru buru”

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Usually, in winter, you “buru buru,” or if you are afraid with fear. “Buru buru” is an onomatopoeia that you can find usually in comics, but you can also use it in real life. Imagine it suddenly snows, and you don’t have the appropriate clothing. You will probably say “buru buru.” This is similar to say “brrr it is cold!” Right?

This is a very easy onomatopoeia. Have you seen it in comics? In which one? What were doing the characters? Freezing because of the cold, or freezing because of the fear?

How many Rinkya Japanese Flashcards have you collected so far? Which is your favorite one? I like “buru buru” a lot because it is very descriptive of the situation, and it is easy to grasp. What do you think?

Pokemon: funny CaramellDansen

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Do you CaramellDansen with Pokemon? And with Pikachu? Now you can! Today we have a very cute CaramellDansen with Pokemon characters, and of course, one with Pikachu! CaramellDansen is originally sang in Swedish, but, we found an English version with Pokemon! (The Pikachu version we have today is in the original language).

So, you can sing along with Pokemon and Pikachu, or you can CaramellDansen with them! You only need to move your hands and hips in the same way! Let’s give it a try in English first! (Please, look carefully how the characters dance so you can do it too.)

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END ALS, Hiro Fujita

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Today we want to present to you a real hero: Hiro Fujita. He has ALS, and time ago he started a campaign to end ALS. It is called “END ALS”. Back in 2010 he started to feel that his body was harder and harder to move. He was diagnosed with ALS. Very quickly ALS took over him, and now he cannot even talk. However, social media and technology has enabled him to have a strong voice and to make people aware of the terrible disease ALS is.

While the illness took him over, he decided to fight it back making people aware of it with a campaign. After contacting Nike unsuccessfully, he started END ALS along with his friends and coworkers in 2012. His campaign has two basic missions: to find a cure and to provide comfort to people who have ALS. To be able to control his computer, he uses an eye tracking software. However, the Japanese Insurance system does not cover this unless you are in the stage of only moving your eyes. Hiro wants it for all patients, so that all of them can have a voice. All patients must have the right to have access to technology which makes their lives more comfortable, and keep them active members of society.

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Rinkya Japanese Flashcards: “nashi kuzushi”

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Today we are going to learn “nashi Kuzushi.” It means to do something little by little, or to pay something in little instalments. Usually, at work, when you are doing something that requires you to do small steps till you achieve it, then you can say that you’re doing it “nashi kuzushi.”

This was used more in the realm of money, when you took a loan and had to pay it back little by little. But you can use it in the realm of work as well. Are you doing anything that requires from you to do very small steps to achieve that thing? Then, you’re in middle of a “nashi kuzushi!”

I must admit that I don’t use this expression on a daily basis, but it comes in handy if you want to explain about something in two words. So, it is a good idea to memorise it.

How many Rinkya Japanese Flashcards have you collected so far? Using Japanese Flashcards to learn Japanese is a great way to get fun while learning something new. How many of them do you remember? Have you challenged yourself? And your friends? Do you know what is hidden behind them? Not yet? Let’s play and discover it!

Kotobukiya launches Horror Bishoujo with “Freddy vs. Jason”

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Kotobukiya launches Horror Bishoujo figures for Halloween! “Freddy vs. Jason” haven’t been so “sexy” in the movies! While you might be avoiding meeting the real buddies from the movies, Kotobukiya has created a really sexy pair! Horror Bishoujo is a new line created by Kotobukiya enabling you to see a very sexy Jason Voorhees and a really appealing Freddy Krueger. You haven’t seen them like this!

Jason and Freddy are sexy beauties with torn clothing and mismatched stockings. Both are seductive and appealing. Nice to have them in the room, not to have nightmares with, precisely. These two beauties, stars of the Horror Bishoujo, stand around 7 inches tall, and will create awesome chills when displaying them at home.

You can pre-order them through Rinkya Direct. Be warned though, you can only take three Jasons and 6 Freddies per person. Freddy is coming out this September and Jason this October.

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Rinkya Japanese Flashcards: “isseki nichou”

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I am sure you already know this expression: “to kill two birds in one shot.” Well, this is today’s Japanese Flashcard! The funny thing here is how the kanji are read (I like that). It literally says “one stone, two birds,” which is concise and to the point. If you want to say in Japanese that you want “to kill two birds in one shot,” use “isseki nichou.”

How many Rinkya Japanese Flashcards have you collected so far? Do you remember all the meanings? Have you discovered what’s behind each of them?

Discover the new stores in Rinkya Direct!

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Good news! We’ve open new stores in Rinkya Direct! Now you can pre-order your favorite items and follow dedicated stores within Rinkya Direct. Do you like Sailor Moon? Follow Sailor Moon store in Rinkya Direct and be the first to know what’s up! We will be opening new stores with more items soon.

Through Rinkya Direct you have the possibility to pre-order or buy items that can only be bought in Japan. You can also find unique items that once they are gone, they are really gone! Stay tuned because we’ll be adding more cute stores and awesome items!

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