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Miso-Base Mackerel Rice Burger to be Released from MOS Burger



Two new flavors will be added to MOS Burger’s signature “rice burgers” series.
New “Miso-base mackerel (saba miso) rice burger” and “kinpira gobo root & seasonal veggie rice burger” will be available for sale from October 28th, 2013.
Both flavors are distinctively Japanese. By creating a delicious fusion between burgers and traditional Japanese dishes, MOS Burger tries to appeal to both young people and seniors.




Both burgers will be sold for 360 yen until March of next year.

Source: Entabe

New from Miracle Romance Series! Preorder Sailor Moon Crescent Wand Lip Cream Today!

A new cosmetic was announced from Premium Bandai’s Sailor Moon Miracle Romance series! We’ve featured Face Powder, Nail Polish Set, and Eyeliners in the past. The latest addition to the line features Sailor Moon’s famous Crescent Wand.

Miracle Romance Sailor Moon Crescent Wand Lip Craem


Preorder period has ended for this item.
To find Sailor Moon Lipsticks listed on Auction, use this link from Rinkya

The lip cream case is based on the shape of Sailor Moon’s most well-known weapon, Crescent Wand (Moon Stick in Japanese), with a little modifications to fit the miniaturized size.

ƒvƒŠƒ“ƒg ƒvƒŠƒ“ƒg ƒvƒŠƒ“ƒg

I can’t imagine using it, this is too cute! The cream has sweet “Healing Peach” scent and contains vitamin E and moisturizing jojoba oil. It will make sure to keep your lip healthy and charming.

Premium Bandai is accepting orders until October 28th (Japan time). Make sure to give us plenty of time in advance to process, so you don’t miss out on last minutes. Miracle Romance Crescent Wand Lip Cream will start shipping in February, 2014.

For a single purchase through Rinkya Store: $41.00
(including all Rinkya fees before international shipping)
*The above price could be lower if you buy more than one items from Premium Bandai at the same time. Just add more items in the Request Store Order form!


Also, Premium Bandai is releasing limited edition Miracle Romance Eyeliner Box Sets (Blue/Pink).

Miracle Romance Eyeliner Box Sets (Blue/Pink)


This is a limited edition version of previously released Sailor Moon eyeliners. They come in beautiful packages of pink and blue boxes. Each box contains three eyeliners in a set.

  • Pink Box – Brown, Red, White
  • Blue Box – Black, Blue, White

Only 2,000 sets will be made on first come, first serve basis. The item will be shipped in December, 2013.

sailor-moon-miracle-romance-limited-ediiton-eyeliner-set-rinkya-japan sailor-moon-miracle-romance-limited-ediiton-eyeliner-set-rinkya-japan2




For a single purchase through Rinkya Store: $60.00
(including all Rinkya fees before international shipping.)
*The above price could be lower if you buy more than one items from Premium Bandai at the same time. Just add more items in the Request Store Order form!


Browse more Sailor Moon items on Rinkya Auction.
See Sailor Moon items featured on Rinkya blog.


Rare Duffy the Disney Bear by Steiff for 5th Anniversary of Tokyo Disney Land

Duffy the Disney Bear is Mickey Mouse’s favorite teddy bear! Did you know that Duffy became only popular after Japanese tourism company running Tokyo Disney parks decided to push for its marketing? That’s why Japan has more Duffy fans than any other places in the world.

Back in 2006, Tokyo Disney Sea celebrated its 5th anniversary and released limited edition Duffy the Disney Bear plush made by Steiff. Only 1000 bears were made, and sold out fast for a bear as expensive as 42,000 yen. Here is a catalog showing 5th anniversary Steiff Duffy (on the left). On the right is 10th anniversary edition, which is less rare.



I found one of these 1000 bears listed on Yahoo Japan Auction today.

anniversary-duffy-disney-bear-steiff-rinkya-japan anniversary-duffy-disney-bear-steiff-rinkya-japan2 anniversary-duffy-disney-bear-steiff-rinkya-japan3


It has been kept in the original box since its purchase, never been touched other than to take a photo this time. Everything including the original certificate and instruction manuals are included. It is a very rare, highly sought after Steiff bear as well as a Duffy merchandise in near mint condition.

Four more days to bid! Make sure to watch it if you want to win.


Nissin’s Microwavable Curry Rice in a Cup

Do you like curry rice? A delicious dish of curry rice is only 5 minutes away!
Nissin’s new Cup Curry Rice looks vaguely similar to the company’s Cup Noodle line, but instead of noodle, it’s got rice and curry in it. What you have to do is add water and microwave it for 5 minutes, it’s that easy.

There are three levels of spiciness to choose from.


cup-curry-rice-rinkya-japan5 cup-curry-rice-rinkya-japan6

Medium Spiciness

cup-curry-rice-rinkya-japan cup-curry-rice-rinkya-japan4


cup-curry-rice-rinkya-japan2 cup-curry-rice-rinkya-japan3


It makes me hungry just by looking at the photos!

Source: NISSIN

Limited Edition Super Sonico Beer to Be Released


Nitroplus’ sexy kawaii mascot Super Sonico gets her own beer!
The beer is made exclusively in Nara, Japan, in collaboration of Soni Kougen (Soni Plateau). super-sonico-beer-rinkya-japan



The town of Soni decided to make Sonico beer simply because of the similarity in the sound. Each set contains three bottles of Sonico beer (with 3 different designs) and a special bottle opener. Only 500 sets will be made, and each set will be sold for 2,625 yen. Its official release date is set on September 30th, but pre-orders can be made through Soni Plateau Farm Garden website from September 21st.

Sonico not only helps marketing for Nitroplus, but now she has another gig vitalizing tourism in Soni Plateau!

Source: Mantan

Awesome Halloween Cosplays Spotted in Tokyo Disney Land 2013!

Every year, Tokyo Disney Land holds a special set of events for Halloween season, allowing visitors to cosplay in Disney characters! Some of them dress up in their hand-made costumes, some of them use rental costumes provided by TDL. Here are some of the most awesome Halloween costumes seen in Disney Land this year!


Aliens from Toy Story. Source


Chef Daisy Duck. Source


Two Pretty Belles from the Beauty and the Beast. Source


Monsters Inc Bunch. Source


Jack Sparrow surrounded by a group of school girls! Source


Alice in the Wonderland. Source


The Three Cabarellos (Donald, Panchito, Jose)! Source


The Beast from Beauty and the Beast. Source


Mrs. Pots and Belle from Beauty and the Beast. Source


Jack from Nightmare before Christmas. Source


Jack meets Oogie Boogie. Source


Jasmine and Aladdin. Such a beautiful couple! Source


Donald and Daisy Duck. Source


Lots of Aliens! Source


I can show you the world. Source


Cinderella and Prince Charming. Source


Mickey and Minnie having a romantic moment. Source

Everyone looks gorgeous, but I think this guy’s cosplay is epic.


Such a detailed reproduction of WALL-E. Source



WALL-E sitting at @yamatyan40‘s house after the event.

What is your favorite costume? Halloween Cosplay Season in Tokyo Disney Land lasts till October 31st, 2013! It’s one of a king event, try going to TDL during Halloween season if you get a chance!


Two Sets of Popy Voltes V Volt in Box Listed for Auction


Today we have two sets of vintage Voltes V Volt in Box toys by Popy listed on Yahoo Japan Auction. They are both 80’s re-release version of the original 1977 Volt in Box with red elbows (the original one has yellow elbows). Both are in fairly good conditions and come with 2 different versions of Popy booklets.

1) Popy Voltes V Volt in Box with the Popy Booklet 2nd edition

popinica-voltes-v-volt-in-box-rinkya-japan popinica-voltes-v-volt-in-box-rinkya-japan3 popinica-voltes-v-volt-in-box-rinkya-japan2




All editions of 80’s Volt in Box sets have the same contents, except for what’s on the lower left side. This is the space that contains a Popy pen, survey postcard, and Popy booklet. There are three variations to Popy booklets in this era. This particular set above has a black book titled “Monoshiri TV Kyoku No.2,” which is the second edition of Popy booklet.


2) Popy Voltes V Volt in Box with the Popy Booklet 3rd Edition





popinica-voltes-v-volt-in-box-rinkya-japan8 popinica-voltes-v-volt-in-box-rinkya-japan7


This second set of Volt in Box has Popy booklet showcasing Ultraman kaiju monsters and little dolls. This is the third edition of Poppy booklet. It’s kind of strange to have Tsuburaya production’s merchandise in Voltes V toy, but that’s what was allowed back in the day! This is probably the final edition of Volt in Box.



Choose the one you like and bid on it!

Attack on Titan Roll Cakes: Stab in Colossal Titan’s Weak Spot!


Priroll, a pastry company specialized in custom design roll cake is now offering Attack on Titan collaboration cakes! Whooping 13 different designs are available for order. Featured characters include Mikasa, Eren, Levi, and Colossal Titan.

1) Four Designs of Mikasa, Eren, and Levi Cake Rolls.

You get to choose a cake with only one character (with different angle) or three of them all together! It even has dashed lines printed on it so you don’t worry about slicing your favorite character in half when you are cutting the cake. How considerate of them!





2) Three Designs of Mikasa, Eren, and Levi Cale Rolls with Custom Message Sections



You can put a character’s quote in the blank section on the left of the character, or make your own message!

3) Three Designs of Mikasa, Eren, and Levi Cale Rolls with Custom Message Sections AND Custom Photos



This option lets you customize not only the text, but also a photo of your choice inserted in the cake.

4) Three Designs of Colossal Titan Cake Rolls



And lastly, Colossal Titan cakes. This one is great because it actually suggests you stabbing your knife in the Titan’s back of the neck, its weak point. It’s kind of gross but definitely the most creative cake roll so far. Below are two additional Colossal Titan designs.




Priroll has made Creamy Mami, Naruto, Bleach, and various Sanrio characters collaboration cakes in the past. Check them all out on their website!

Epic Manga Meat Is Now Available As a Sweet Pastry

When you see a dining scene in manga and anime, meat on the bone seems to be a popular choice of meal, and it always has that particular shape and looks for some reason.

manga-meat-roll-cake-rinkya-japan10 manga-meat-roll-cake-rinkya-japan7



Have you ever wondered what manga meat tastes like? It certainly looks good when all the characters munch on them so hungrily.
A Japanese company Kawabun actually made “Manga Meat,” an accurate real-life replica of that delicious meat on the bone w always see in 2D.


The bottom photo is the actual product. Notice it’s got kind of a fluffy texture?
It’s actually made of Baumkuchen, a sweet German-style cake that is particularly popular in Japan. I’m not quite sure what they were trying to accomplish by turning meat into a cake, but it would be a great joke gift and a birthday present for sure!

You can order from a single serving of manga meat for 1,260 yen, to 3 servings, 6 servings, 10 servings, and 15 servings. Wow, it gets crazy pretty fast!



The bone part is made of plastic, so you can eat it, by the way… You can keep it after eating the cake.