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How to Make Totoro Hard-Boiled Eggs for Bentos!


Aren’t these cute?
They are Totoros made of hard-boiled eggs!

Do you want to make one yourself? Great! The bento artist who made them actually shared a how-to-make post on her blog, it’s not too difficult if you have the right tools!

1) First, soak a hard-boiled egg in Mentsuyu for 10 minutes until the color of the egg white turns brown (Mentsuyu is Japanese soup base. If you don’t have any, you can make it with soy sauce, bonito fish flake, water, and sugar. Usually you can buy a pre-made one at a Japanese grocery store).


2) With a knife, slice a thin layer of egg white from the egg.



3) With the piece that’s been cut out, carve out Totoro’s ears.


4) Use a straw to carve out eye parts.



5) Cut the ends off of the two tubes of egg white you just took out to expose the white color. Stick both of them back into the egg.


6) Squish the end of the straw to make it a slightly eclipsed oval shape. Use it to take out chunks from the egg to make holes for ear parts.



7) Take the ear pieces from step (3), place them in the holes you just made.



8) Cut out pieces from nori seaweed to decorate eyes, nose, and patterns on Tototor’s belly. Here she used a special tool for nori cutting called Nori Punch Face. For the eyes, she used a tool called Uzura Cutter Pikkoron.



9) Cut thin pieces of dry kombu seaweed to make whiskers. Place them in the whisker spot!



Done! Now you have cute Totoro eggs! Decorate them with small Totoro rice balls!




You can find rice ball molds and seaweed cutters/punches from our Lunch Supplies (Bento Supplies) category on Yahoo Japan Auction!

For the specific seaweed cutters used in this demo, you can order them through Rinkya Store.
Use these links – Nori Punch Face, Uzura Cutter Pikkoron – and order from our Store Order Form.

Have a great weekend!

Evangelion Exhibition in Ginza Sells Limited Edition Prints and New Official Merchandise


Evangelion Art Exhibition is being held at Matsuya in Ginza, Tokyo since August 7th, 2013. Three hundred gengas and one thousand layouts, sketches, settei, douga are being displayed along with life-size Evangelion character figures.



Cool gengas, huh?

One of the souvenirs sold at the exhibition is a set of art prints featuring the new character art drawn for the event, Asuka, Kaworu, Shinji, Rei, and Mari. This set or prints are so popular they sold out within 2 hours from the grand opening.

evangelion-exhibition-ginza-art-print-rinkya-japan evangelion-exhibition-ginza-art-print-rinkya-japan3evangelion-exhibition-ginza-art-print-rinkya-japan4evangelion-exhibition-ginza-art-print-rinkya-japan5evangelion-exhibition-ginza-art-print-rinkya-japan2

Using the above artwork, each print will be delivered in a frame, as shown below.


The prints are made to order, so they will be shipped in September once ordered (in which order slots are already full). Not many of them can be found on Yahoo Japan Auction even, so get them while listings last!



Some other cool merchandises from the event include: Evangelion Exhibition exclusive figures, mugs, rubber coasters, and more!

Evangelion Exhibition Exclusive Rei Ayanami Figure





Evangelion Rubber Coasters








Evangelion Mugs

evangelion-exhibition-mugs-rinkya-japan evangelion-exhibition-mugs-rinkya-japan3






There are more souvenirs and merchandises from the show, check all listings on Evangelion Exhibition at Yahoo Japan Auction via Rinkya!

In Japan, Pacific Rim Visual Guide Is Creating a Different Kind of Battle – Bidding War on Yahoo Japan Auction

Pacific Rim premiered in Japan on August 8th, and it’s already scoring 3 hundred million yen (~US$3M) for Japanese box office in 3 days! With all the super robots and kaijus rampaging on large screens, it’s not surprising that Japanese people fell in love with the film.

And of course, as customary for Japanese marketing, limited edition items related to the film are being released, in which Japanese fans cannot resist!
Currently, especially sought after among Japanese fans is a book called “Pacific Rim Visual Guide,” which is a translated version of what’s originally titled Pacific Rim: Man, Machines, and Monster in English by David S. Cohen.

This is the cover for the Japanese version, translated and released from ShoPro Books.


pacific-rim-visual-guide-japanese-shopro-rinkya-japan pacific-rim-visual-guide-japanese-shopro-rinkya-japan2 pacific-rim-visual-guide-japanese-shopro-rinkya-japan3


It contains beautiful concept sketches, commentary, director’s notes, behind-the-scene stories, all the good stuff. On Amazon Japan, Pacific Rim Visual Guide sold out quickly after the film’s successful opening. Right now, it’s being sold for whooping 14,000 yen at Amazon Marketplace. Wow, that’s quite a jump, since the original English version is still being sold for under $30 (although the English version seems to be out of stock at the moment too and takes months to get a reprint). This rise in price is due to the small number of prints in Japan. Only 3,000 of Pacific Rim Visual Guides were printed in total, while 200,000 people have already gone to see the film in the first 3 days.

On Yahoo Japan Auction, the price for Visual Guide is less ridiculous, ranging from 6000-8000 yen, but it’s fiercely competed and creating quite a bidding war, a different kind of war than defeating a giant monster from the ocean!



If you are a fan, could you resist the urge to add this to your collection? Or are you happy with just the movie experience? Japanese people certainly are prone to exclusive items and limited edition collectibles!

If you are interested in joining the war, check out all listings on Pacific Rim Visual Guide from the Bid Now button below!

Browse all Pacific Rim items on Yahoo Japan Auction.

Comic Market 84 Summer 2013 Limited Edition Items on Yahoo Japan Auction!

People from all over Japan and world gathered in this year’s Comic Market, the biggest comic event in Japan over the weekend! Tons of new items from popular doujinshi groups as well as commercial publishers/studios came out at the event. Just type in “C84” in the search bar, and you’ll instantly see the entire auction listings on Comic Market 84!



I’m going to go over some of the most popular items from C84.

SHAFT C84 Lineup – Fate, Bakemonogatari, Madoka Magica

At Shaft’s booth, they had items such as Madoka Magica Clear File Set. Each set includes 2 clear folders featuring opening sequences and 17 genga replicas. Plus an original anime film framed in a soul gem-shaped mount.

SHAFT Madoca Magica Clear File Set

comic-market-84-madoka-magica-clear-file-with-genga-set-rinkya-japan comic-market-84-madoka-magica-clear-file-with-genga-set-rinkya-japan2 comic-market-84-madoka-magica-clear-file-with-genga-set-rinkya-japan3




SHAFT Fate/Extra CCC Opening Animation Production Note Labyrinth Box Set

comic-market-84-fate-extra-set-rinkya-japan2 comic-market-84-fate-extra-set-rinkya-japan


Fate/extra CCC Labyrinth Box Set includes 5 books of opening animation production notes (rough sketches, storyboards, settei, interviews with production crew, illustration cards), nicely stored in a special sleeve! And two special B3-size large posters exclusively for customers who purchase this set at Comic Market 84!



SHAFT Bakemonogatari Key Animation Set

Bakemonogatari Key Animation Note vol.1 is released at C84. The book consists of 1,100 pages of gengas from Bakemonogatari show, and for C84 exclusive set, it also comes with a duplicate autograph art print of Akio Watanabe (shown on the right in the photo below).





Sometimes people sell all of the SHAFT items all together, so if you want to buy them all, just search for C84 SHAFT instead of specific items.


Kadokawa Shoten’s C84 Lineup – Strike Witches, Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya

Kadokawa booth sold a series of Strike Witches merchandise, including C84 exclusive item – Strike Witches Humikane Shimada Set, as well as Prisma Illya merchandise.


Strike Witches Humikane Shimada Set is especially popular, since this item is only available at Comic Market and will not be sold in other venues in future. This set consists of 52-page art book by Humikane Shimada and a pair of mugs.




Other Kadokawa items include Strike Witches B-1 size large tapestry made of suede, Strike Witches Body Pillow Case, T-shirts, Pocket Watches, Prisma Illya Making DVD Set, and more. Find all Kadokawa C84 lineup here. Or browse individual items from below.



Strike Witches B1-size Tapestry bid-now-button


Strike Witches Pocket Watches  bid-now-button


Humikane Shimada Strike Witches Body Pillow Case bid-now-button


Strike Witches Military T-shirts bid-now-button


Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya Making Set (includes a Behind-the-Scene Making DVD, Episode 1 Storyboards, and a Tote Bag)


Of course, commercial merchandises are only half of the fun about going to Comic Market. The main mission of the event is to sell/buy indie books and doujinshi. Browse all C84 items including doujinshi from this link with preset keyword! You can also check out our dedicated Doujinshi category of the Auction and see what’s being listed. There are lots of new doujinshi there now!

10 Prettiest Wedding Dresses Made from Japanese Kimonos

Ever thought about wearing traditional kimonos for your wedding? But you also want a western-style dress? Well, you can enjoy both Japanese and Western-style wedding dresses with these 10 pretty “Wa-dresses” (和ドレス, meaning Japan-style dress), made from real, authentic kimono fabrics!

1) Nishitetsu Grand Hotel’s Yamadaya Kimono Wedding Dress



Nishitetsu Grand Hotel offers a variety of wedding plans, including rental kimono dress service by its dedicated dress shop Yamadaya.

2) Aliansa’s Kimono Dress “Toumu” White

japanese-kimono-wedding-dress-aliansa-rinkya-japan japanese-kimono-wedding-dress-aliansa-rinkya-japan3 japanese-kimono-wedding-dress-aliansa-rinkya-japan2

Aliansa is a custom-made wedding dress company located in Hachiouji, Tokyo. All of their dresses are stunningly beautiful, the above dress “Toumu,” meaning peach dream, is just one example from many. Check out more Aliansa dresses from here!

3) Miyabi Kimono Dress



From Fukuoka’s rental dress company Miyabi, this wedding dress looks particularly gorgeous from back!

4) Angelica Kimono Dress



This piece is from a wedding dress company from Gifu, called Angelica. I absolutely love the floral pattern decorated with cranes!

5) Takeda Asymmetrical Kimono Dress

japanese-kimono-wedding-dress-takeda-rinkya-japan japanese-kimono-wedding-dress-takeda-rinkya-japan2


Takeda Bridal from Nara offers a simple black and gold dress with an accent of vivid red. It’s very modern and elegant without being overly flashy!

6) Hanayome Salon Repurposed Kimono Dress


This dress has more of the kimono feel than the other dresses I’ve mentioned. Hanayome Salon in Gunma does an amazing job of recycling and remaking used dresses and kimonos. You can see a regular Japanese kimono turned into a dress on their blog! For example, the above dress used to look like this.


After the designers at Hanayome Salon added a magic touch to it… Wow! Now it’s a dress!


japanese-kimono-wedding-dress-hanayomesalon-rinkya-japan3 japanese-kimono-wedding-dress-hanayomesalon-rinkya-japan4 japanese-kimono-wedding-dress-hanayomesalon-rinkya-japan5


6) A Black and Gold Kimono Dress from Hanayome Salon

It’s from the same company, but I just felt like I’ve got to show this amazing transformation of kimonos too…



This is extremely pretty, and also quite sexy!

japanese-kimono-wedding-dress-hanayomesalon-rinkya-japan9 japanese-kimono-wedding-dress-hanayomesalon-rinkya-japan7 japanese-kimono-wedding-dress-hanayomesalon-rinkya-japan8


It kind of reminds me of outfits in Final Fantasy though!

7) Nadeshiko Children’s Kimono Dresses

Well, if a bride is going to dress up in a kimono dress, you have to have bride maids in matching outfits, right? Wedding dress company Nadeshiko not only takes custom orders for grownups, but they make dresses for children too, and they are adorable!

kimono-wedding-dress-children-bride-maids-rinkya-japan2  kimono-wedding-dress-children-bride-maids-rinkya-japan

And what’s even great about it is that they make the dress so that it’s adjustable with the strings on the back, for children who grow up and change size fast! Your little girls can wear it multiple times over years!



8) Wakomono Recycled Kimono Dress



Wakomono Bridal lets you save budget by taking an used kimono from customers and turning them into wedding dresses! They use every nice bit of a kimono including the obi sash around the waist!

Some more examples of their work.



9) Aoyama Momo Kimono Dress

kimono-wedding-dress-aoyamamomo-rinkya-japan kimono-wedding-dress-aoyamamomo-rinkya-japan2


Aoyama Momo also repurpose customers’ own kimonos into wedding dresses. While retaining the basic kimono shape, see-through sleeves and the large red lace on the back give it a nice modern touch!

10) Aliansa Wedding Dress – “Koryu” Black


Aliansa, the same company that designed “Toumu,” also created this gorgeous black dress! It is quite different from the other dress, isn’t it? I like how it’s got a little bit of Harajuku lolita & pop style  integrated in the design. It’s really adorable from every angle you see.

kimono-wedding-dress-aliansa-rinkya-japan3 kimono-wedding-dress-aliansa-rinkya-japan4 kimono-wedding-dress-aliansa-rinkya-japan5 kimono-wedding-dress-aliansa-rinkya-japan2



Choosing wedding dresses can be tough, it’s once in lifetime event (or more, possibly, but you know what I mean)! If you can’t decide, maybe consider kimono dresses? You’d make quite an impression at the ceremony for sure!

Bento Friday: Kawaii Creamy Mami Bento!

Happy Friday!

It’s bento Friday, but before we start, there’s a great news for Creamy Mami fans living in Hong Kong. Namco is having its first official Creamy Mami 30th Anniversary Shop abroad in HK starting August 23rd-September 29th!


Lots of official Creamy Mami merchandise, claw machines, photo booth will be available at the Shop!

For people who cannot go, let’s have fun with Creamy Mami bento I picked for this week.

Source: Karimero


So kawaii! I love how the bento recreated that gentle purple color of Creamy Mami’s hair.

Creamy Mami anniversary celebration continues through out this year. We’ll definitely keep you updated on Rinkya blog! And don’t forget to check out Creamy Mami item listings on Yahoo Japan Auction, as lots of cute items are being posted everyday!

Have a great weekend! ^_^


The Greatest Kaiju Toy, BANDAI 20-inch Tall R/C Mechagodzilla 1974


One of the greatest kaiju toys out there, BANDAI’s 20-inch Radio Controlled Mechagodzilla 1974 is being listed for auction right now.
Even with the hight retail price of US$800, this mighty Mechagodzilla toy sold out immediately after its release in 2009. Its massive 1/100-scale, 20-inch tall body, loaded with built-in gimmicks, and the attention to details made it way worth the money, and it has been highly sought after on used market ever since. These photos are from the item’s official site.

bandai-rc-remote-controlled-mechagodzilla-1974-rinkya-japan bandai-rc-remote-controlled-mechagodzilla-1974-rinkya-japan2

The auction seller has never opened the toy, so this is what the actual auction item looks like, in an original box.


It’s got lots of fun, great gimmicks!

  • Rotating head (action for making energy shield)
  • Mouth opens/closes
  • Arms move up/down
  • Hands rotate at the wrists
  • Flashing lights in eyes
  • Flashing lights in mouth
  • Flashing lights in fingertips
  • Chest opens and flashes light
  • Installed sound effects for each action

The appearance of Mechagodzilla is based on 1974 model. Watch the promo video below to see what amazing actions it is capable of!

If so, don’t hesitate and bid on BANDAI 20” R/C Mechagodzilla on Yahoo Japan Auction!

On somewhere like Amazon Marketplace, it’s being listed for 500,000 yen, but on our Auction, its current highest bid is only 101,000 yen, and if you really don’t want to miss it, the seller is offering buyout option for 150,000 yen! So don’t hesitate and get it!

Vokls’ Latest Super Dollfies from Hometown Dolpa Nagoya 5 Available on Auction Now!

Hometown Dolls Party Nagoya 5 took place over the weekend!
Several new dolls were sold exclusively at the event. Let’s take a look and see what’s available on Yahoo Japan Auction now.


SDG Liselotte and Charlotte were made in collaboration with Alice and the Pirates, a subsidiary of popular Harajuku Lolita fashion brand BABY, THE STARS SHINE BRIGHT. Liselotte and Charlotte used to be one person, but somehow one day she split into two girls, as the official story tells.

1) Super Dollfie Girl SDG Liselotte in my closet room Ver.

hometown-dolpa-nagoya-5-liselotte-in-my-closet-room-ver-rinkya-japan hometown-dolpa-nagoya-5-liselotte-in-my-closet-room-ver-rinkya-japan2 hometown-dolpa-nagoya-5-liselotte-in-my-closet-room-ver-rinkya-japan3

Bid on Super Dollfie Girl SDG Liselotte


2) Super Dollfie Girl SDG Charlotte in my closet room Ver.


hometown-dolpa-nagoya-charlotte-in-my-closet-room-ver-rinkya-japan3 hometown-dolpa-nagoya-charlotte-in-my-closet-room-ver-rinkya-japan2

Bid on Super Dollfie Girl SDG Charlotte


Now let’s turn to boys!


Super Dollfie Midi Boys Ryotaro Kataoka and Minoru Kamimura are young boys enrolled at Imperial Japanese Naval Academy in late Meiji period. The classic school uniforms fit their adolescent figures very nicely.

3) Super Dollfie Midi SDM Boy Minoru Kamimura

hometown-dolpa-nagoya-5-minoru-kamimura-rinkya-japan hometown-dolpa-nagoya-5-minoru-kamimura-rinkya-japan2 hometown-dolpa-nagoya-5-minoru-kamimura-rinkya-japan3

Bid on Super Dollfie Midi SDM Boy Minoru Kamimura


4) Super Dollfie Midi SDM Boy Ryotaro Kataoka


hometown-dolpa-nagoya-5-ryotaro-kataoka-rinkya-japan2 hometown-dolpa-nagoya-5-ryotaro-kataoka-rinkya-japan3

Bid on Super Dollfie Midi SDM Ryotaro Kataoka


Now to the Dollfie Dream Collaboration Dolls!

5) Dollfie Dream Siste DDS Idolmaster Chihaya Kisaragi


hometown-dolpa-5-chihaya-kisaragi-rinkya-japan hometown-dolpa-5-chihaya-kisaragi-rinkya-japan2 hometown-dolpa-5-chihaya-kisaragi-rinkya-japan3


hometown-dolpa-5-chihaya-kisaragi-rinkya-japan5 hometown-dolpa-5-chihaya-kisaragi-rinkya-japan4

Bid on Dollfie Dream Siter DDS Chihaya Kisaragi


6) Dollfie Dream Sister DDS Idolmaster Yukiho Hagiwara

hometown-dolpa-nagoya-5-dollfie-dream-idolmaster-yukiho-hagiwara-rinkya-japan hometown-dolpa-nagoya-5-dollfie-dream-idolmaster-yukiho-hagiwara-rinkya-japan2 hometown-dolpa-nagoya-5-dollfie-dream-idolmaster-yukiho-hagiwara-rinkya-japan4 hometown-dolpa-nagoya-5-dollfie-dream-idolmaster-yukiho-hagiwara-rinkya-japan3

Bid on Dollfie Dream Sister DDS Yukiho Hagiwara


7) Dollfie Dream Sakuya Mode: Crimson Shining Blade

hometown-dolpa-nagoya-5-shining-blade-sakuya-crimson-dollfie-dream-sister-rinkya-japan hometown-dolpa-nagoya-5-shining-blade-sakuya-crimson-dollfie-dream-sister-rinkya-japan2 hometown-dolpa-nagoya-5-shining-blade-sakuya-crimson-dollfie-dream-sister-rinkya-japan3 hometown-dolpa-nagoya-5-shining-blade-sakuya-crimson-dollfie-dream-sister-rinkya-japan5 hometown-dolpa-nagoya-5-shining-blade-sakuya-crimson-dollfie-dream-sister-rinkya-japan6 hometown-dolpa-nagoya-5-shining-blade-sakuya-crimson-dollfie-dream-sister-rinkya-japan4

 Bid on Dollfie Dream Sakuya Curimson Mode


8) Shining Hearts Sorbet Dollfie Dream Accessories

homestown-dolpa-nagoya-5-shining-heart-sorbet-rinkya-japan homestown-dolpa-nagoya-5-shining-heart-sorbet-rinkya-japan2

A cute, tiny Sorbet plush doll is available as a Dollfie Dream accessory! A great companion for previously released Shining Hearts Dollfie Dream Melty (the first Dollfie Dream to have a pointy “elf year”)



Bid on DD Accessories Sorbet.


Want to see them all? Browse all listings of Hometown Dolpa Nagoya 5 on Yahoo Japan Auction!

Japan’s Famous Rescue Cat Wasabichan Latest Updates! Something Has Happened to Wasabichan’s Health

You’ve read a touching story of Wasabichan, a kitten rescued by a kind current owner @jessiepon when she was being attacked by crows. She is the kitten who dresses up in a knitted mushroom and a tarako (salted cod roe) in order to get fed with a catheter safely.
twitter-wasabi-chan-cat-rinkya-japan8 twitter-wasabi-chan-cat-rinkya-japan16

We are going to follow up on Wasabichan’s progress today! If you’ve signed up for our Mailing List, you’ve been getting weekly updates on her. Let’s see how she’s been doing this past month!


Wasabichan is now able to cover her waste with cat liter! Waiting for mom’s approval?


Wasabichan in her new matryoshka outfit! It’s slightly smaller than the previous tarako outfit, seems like?

I as a Rinkya blog writer chose not to post this photo here (07-11-2013) because some people may not like to see it.
The photo shows insider Wasabichan’s mouth, which is injured and slowly healing.
Please use your own judgment to see the photo!
@jessiepon describes, “Her upper chin is slightly off to left because of the bone fracture, and the lower chin is shifted to right.”


@jessiepon: “Today’s Wasabichan! She refuses to eat the baby food, so we are back to feeding with the catheter and milk. We tried using a syringe for feeding, but from the second meal she started to struggle. It could be just she’s in a bad mood today.” 


A short video posted on Instagram showing how the catheter feeding works. She is trying hard to eat, even though it’s not the most comfortable way to do so. Wasabichan is in a cute kimono outfit!


@jessiepon: “Today’s Wasabichan! She managed to nibble on a soft for kittens called ‘Katsuo-Ippon’ [a bonito fish snack]. All the parts she chewed fell on the floor, but one can’t learn something in one day. We’ll try more practicing everyday!”


@jessiepon: “Wasabi-chan can now jump up on the couch she wasn’t able to before! Ponchan the dog is a bit exhausted and sighs at playful Wasabi-chan.”
*Ponchan is the dog’s name.



@jessiepon: “We didn’t buy a new bed for Wasabi-chan at first because she was full of lice. Granny modified Ponchan’s old bedding into Wasabi-chan’s, but it’s getting too small for her!”


@jessiepon: “Today’s Wasabichan!  She looked cold, so I fed her warm milk by catheter today. After she warmed up, she got really hyper and playful. She kept biting on Ponchan’s tail too!”


@jessiepon“Today’s Wasbichan! We saw our vet today and received lots of good news! First, Wasabichan gained 100 grams of weight! Second, the tear on her upper jaw has healed! Lastly, her left eye shows a sign of papillary light reflex! It’s slightly weaker, but so is the right eye!”

Seemed like everything was going well. Then, Something Happened to Wasabichan’s Health…

@jessiepon: “[Wasabichan] Had seizures on the way to the vet, at the clinic, and on the way back home. She’s having seizures every half hour after she got home. Her latest blood test shows a little bit of dehydration but it’s not at the level to be worried about. Everything else looked fine. The vet did her best for treatment too.”


@jessiepon“Stopped by a gas station on the way. She’s tired, and due to the medication she’s asleep now. We think she has an epilepsy.”


@jessiepon: “Today’s Wasabichan. She had three seizures today, so we had to use an suppository on her. I consulted with our vet to ask how many times I can use it. The clinic was closed today, but she kindly guided me with instructions. I’m very thankful. Ponchan is offering her nose to play with when she visits Wasabichan.”


@jessiepon: “She still has seizures, but it’s not weakening her body. She is not full of energy either  though. She hates the suppository, so whenever I try to use it she attacks my hands until they are covered with scratches.”

Ganbatte Wasabichan! I really hope she gets better and grows up to be a healthy happy cat.
You can check latest Wasabichan updates on @jessiepon’s Twitter account, or you can sign up on our Mailing List, delivering weekly updates on Wsabichan in English.

New Sailor Moon Jewelry Preorder! Moon Stick Necklace, Earrings, and Sailor Pluto’s Time Key Necklace



Ready for new Sailor Moon jewelry lineup?
Premium Bandai started accepting preorders for three more new Sailor Moon jewelries: Moon Stick Necklace, Sailor Moon Earrings, and Sailor Pluto’s Time Key Necklace. We are taking orders for these items starting today, and Premium Bandai will start shipping the products in late October.



1) Sailor Moon: Moon Stick Silver 925 Necklace

sailor-moon-moon-stick-necklace-pendant-rinkya-japan2 sailor-moon-moon-stick-necklace-pendant-rinkya-japan3 sailor-moon-moon-stick-necklace-pendant-rinkya-japan4 sailor-moon-moon-stick-necklace-pendant-rinkya-japan

Sailor Moon: Moon Stick Silver 925 Necklace is designed after Sailor Moon’s magical rod! It is made of sterling silver, accented with Swarovski crystals.
To place an order for this item, use the order from from the Buy Now button!
Price: USD 152.00  (including all Rinkya fees, before international shipping)



2) Sailor Moon Silver 925 Earrings

sailor-moon-silver925-earrings-rinkya-japan sailor-moon-silver925-earrings-rinkya-japan2 sailor-moon-silver925-earrings-rinkya-japan3

Do you recognize the shape of these earrings? Yes, they are the replicas of those earrings worn by Sailor Moon! Sailor Moon Silver 925 Earrings are made of sterling silver and coated with 18K gold. At the base of it holds a beautiful 4-millimeter crystal pearl.

To place an order for this item, use the order from from the Buy Now button!
Price: USD 133.00 (including all Rinkya fees, before international shipping)


3) Sailor Pluto Time Key Silver 925 Necklace


sailor-pluto-time-key-necklace-garnet-orb-silver925-rinkya-japan2 sailor-pluto-time-key-necklace-garnet-orb-silver925-rinkya-japan3 sailor-pluto-time-key-necklace-garnet-orb-silver925-rinkya-japan4

Finally, an outer senshi jewelry!! We’ve waited for it for so long now!
Sailor Pluto Time Key Silver 925 Necklace is made of gold-coated sterling silver, decorated with  rose and red Swarovski crystals.
To place an order for this item, use the order from from the Buy Now button!
Price: USD 175.00  (including all Rinkya fees, before international shipping)


For more Sailor Moon items, check out listings on Yahoo Japan Auction or our previous blog posts on Sailor Moon items!