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Pre-order BANDAI’s Sailor Moon Silver Brooch Pendants and New T-shirts!


Yes, it’s time for new Sailor Moon items!
We just can’t get enough of them, can we?
Premium Bandai has started accepting pre-orders for 6 different Silver Pendants based on Sailor Moon’s transformation brooches and kawaii Sailor Moon Full-Print Face Design T-shirts.



Let’s take a closer look at the new items!

Sailor Moon 925 Pendants are available in 6 different designs.

Sailor Moon: Transformation Brooch Silver 925 Pendant 



Sailor Moon: Transformation Brooch Silver 925 Pendant is based on the original transformation brooch that appeared in first Sailor Moon. This pendant is made with sterling silver. The pink part in the middle is made of an epoxy resin, and the smaller stones around it are 4 color Swarovski crystals.

Sailor Moon: Transformation Brooch Silver 925 Pendant (Gold Coating)



Sailor Moon: Transformation Brooch Silver 925 Pendant (Gold Coating) is basically the same as the one above, except it’s coated with 18K gold.

 Sailor Moon R: Crystal Brooch Silver 925 Pendant



This pendant is designed after the “Crystal Brooch” that appears in Sailor Moon R, the sequel to original Sailor Moon series. Decorated with 5 different colored Swarovski crystals, the sterling silver pendant shines gorgeously around your neck.

Sailor Moon R: Crystal Brooch Silver 925 Pendant (Color)



The basic design is the same as the pendant above, but this one is coated with 18K gold and colored with charming pink. It creates a fun, playful appearance.

Sailor Moon S: Cosmic Heart Compact Silver 925 Pendant



This pendant is based on the design of “Cosmic Heart Compact” used as a transformation item in Sailor Moon S. It utilized the best of sterling silver, detailed crafting is all done by silver and accented with a single red Swarovski. A simple, elegant design that can be paired with a variety of outfits.

Sailor Moon S: Chibi Moon Prism Heart Compact Silver 925 Pendant



There hasn’t been whole a lot of new Sailor Moon merchandises that feature someone outside of the main 5 Sailor Senshi, but finally, Sailor Chibi Moon item is here! This pendant is based on Sailor Chibi Moon’s “Prism Heart Compact.” A simple sterling silver pendant is decorated with a large heart-cut Swarovski in pink. It’s super cute!

All the pendants are 17mm x 17mm in size, except for Sailor Moon S: Cosmic Heart Silver 925 Pendant, which is slightly larger 21mm x 19mm. See photos below for your reference.






If you want any of them, make sure to place pre-orders through Rinkya Store today!

Now, let’s see Sailor Moon Full-Print Face Design T-shirts!

 Sailor Moon Full-Print Face Design T-shirt (Pink)



Sailor Moon Full-Print Face Design T-shirt Ladies Large Size

(Make sure to specify your size in the description section. Choose from Men’s M/L/XL or Women’s M/L in the description section)

 Sailor Moon Full-Print Face Design T-shirt (White)



Sailor Moon Full-print Face Design T-shirt White Ladies Medium Size

(Make sure to specify your size in the description section. Choose from Men’s M/L/XL or Women’s M/L in the description section)

 Sailor Moon Full-Print Face Design T-shirt (Gray)



Sailor Moon Full-Print Face Design T-shirt  Ladies Gray Medium Size

(Make sure to specify your size in the description section. Choose from Men’s M/L/XL or Women’s M/L in the description section)


All T-shirts and Pendants will be scheduled to ship (within Japan) in late September.

Now taking orders for Creamy Mami 30th Anniversary Fragrance Pop’n Cream


The latest item celebrating Creamy Mami’s 30th Anniversary is Magic Angel Creamy Mami Eaux de Toilette Pop’n Cream, an original fragrance mixed from sweet scents of pink grapefruit, melon, flowers like mimosa, magnolia, Lily of the Valley!

Just the packaging itself is pretty enough to make girls happy <3

creamy-mami-perfume-fragrance-popn-cream-rinkya-japan1 creamy-mami-perfume-fragrance-popn-cream-rinkya-japan2 creamy-mami-perfume-fragrance-popn-cream-rinkya-japan3

It also includes a bonus item, Creamy Mami original charm made after Mami’s magical stick.


Its content volume is 25ml per bottle, all made in Japan. See product details on Premium Bandai’s official site.  We are now taking orders for US$67, including all the Rinkya fees except the international shipping! Skip all the tedious calculation yourself and go directly to our order page from Buy Now button below!  😀  The stock is limited, so get it before it sells out!


 *Make sure you are logged into Rinkya!


Also, don’t forget to check out other Craemy Mami items sold from Premium Bandai. There’re lots of new merchandises coming out!

Creamy Mami Hair Bow
(US$37.00 before international shipping)




Creamy Mami Neon T-shirt
(US$57 per each t-shirt before international shipping. Make sure to specify color Black or Pink in the order form)

creamy-mami-neon-t-shirt-rinkya-japan buynow

Creamy Mami Tote Bag
(US$49.00 before international shipping)


Creamy Mami Character Nail Tips
(US$34.00 per package. More details on our previous blog post.)


If you order items from the same store (Premium Bandai), you get to save on Rinkya handling fee.  So if you buy multiple items in one order, the final price could be lower than displayed above! :)

Happy 30th Anniversary Mami-chan!

Anime, Giant Robots, Tokusatsu, Boobs… Japan’s Got Most Awesome Fishing Lures

Do you love fishing? Regardless of which fishing store you go to, you find that fishing tackle comes in a large variety of shapes, designs, and colors. Among many options, Japan’s got some of the most awesome fishing lures. As it could be said to almost everything Japanese people do, they put meticulous attention to details and leverage all their artisanship, creativity, and wackiest ideas into making these novelty lures. I selected a few of my favorite to share with our blog readers!

 1) Bandai G-Master Splash Heroes Mazinger Z Fishing Lure

mazinger-z-fishing-lure-rinkya-japan2 mazinger-z-fishing-lure-rinkya-japan3 mazinger-z-fishing-lure-rinkya-japan4 mazinger-z-fishing-lure-rinkya-japan5

Our favorite giant robot Mazinger Z is soooo cute as a chibi fishing lure. Bandai had a line of anime and tokusatsu-themed fishing lures called G-Master Splash Heroes back in 2003 (long sold out now), and Mazinger Z is one of them.

Search for Mazinger Z Fishing Lures on Yahoo Japan Auction.

2) Bandai G-Master Splash Heroes Gamera and Kamen Rider V3 Lures


I have to show two more from Bandai’s Splash Heroes series because they are just so cute. Aren’t thse Gamera and Kamen Rider V3 fishing lures adorable? You can see how detailed they actually are for something that you are supposed to throw in water…

godilla-gamera-fishing-lure-rinkya-japan2godilla-gamera-fishing-lure-rinkya-japan3 kamenrider-v3-fishing-lure-rinkya-japan1 kamenrider-v3-fishing-lure-rinkya-japan2

Search for Gamera Fishing Lures on Yahoo Japan Auction.
Search for Kamen Rider V3 Lures on Yahoo Japan Auction.

3) Tommy x Nintendo Pokemon Fishing Lures



These Pokemon lures would make me sing “Gotta Catch ’em All!” while trying to catch fish! Gotta catch all the fish! (Well, maybe not, to be gentle to the environment)

Search for Pokemon Lures on Yahoo Japan Auction.

4) Frog Products Boob Lures


Frog Products released these nice, round, not-too-bit, not-too-large, perfect boobs to lure fish. Maybe they lure human more than fish? 😉 They come in two color options…for your preference.


Unfortunately these lures are very difficult to find even on auctions. Keep monitoring on Yahoo Japan Auction from this link until it shows up, as they occasionally do!

5) Ryobi Ultraman Fishing Lure


Ultraman can help you find your catch underwater!
I love how much attention to detail they put into it. Even if you don’t fish, this would be a perfect addition to your Ultraman collection.

Find listings for Ultraman Fishing Lures on Yahoo Japan Auction

6) Ryobi Ultraman Kaijuu Lures – Alien Baltan and Pigmon




If there is Ultraman, we’ve got to have kaijuus too! Two of the most iconic and popular kaijuus from Ultraman: Alien Baltan and Pigmon are also available as lures from Ryobi!

Find listings for Ultraman Kaijuus Fishing Lures on Yahoo Japan Auction

7) Rascal the Raccoon Fishing Lures




Our beloved Rascal the Raccoon come in three different colors as fishing lures! Rascal is eating a toast, hopefully he’ll be able to catch fish for us too?

Search Rascal the Raccoon Fishing Lures on Yahoo Japan Auction.

8) GAN CRAFT Tsuri Chichi Nagisa Collaboration Jointed Claw 178

Here comes the fun part: sexy bishoujo lures.



This lure is specially crafted for a fishing manga series on Shounen Sunday called Tsuri Chichi Nagisa. And they are actually made by a quality fishing tackle company Gan Craft too, instead of a toy company. You can enjoy outdoor fishing with beautiful Nagisa-chan!


Search GAN CRAFT x Tsuri Chichi Nagisa collaboration lure on Yahoo Japan Auction.

9) Super Sonico Fishing Lure by Unagiinu

Here’s another sexy fishing lure, featuring Super Sonico, the popular mascot girl from Nitroplus.



This is actually a handmade lure modified from an existing lure “Strike King Sexy Spoon.” How fitting is it that the artist chose to put Sonico on it? The artist Unagiinu does a lot of customized “Ita-Lure” (痛ルアー) to make ordinary fishing lures more, um, attractive.

Here’s a little section of a fishing store displaying Unagiinu’s custom tackle.



10) Toys Frog Char Zaku Flash Jim Fishing Lure

gundam-zaku-char-fishing-lure-japan-rinkya gundam-zaku-char-fishing-lure-japan-rinkya2

Char Zaku should be able to fish 3 times faster than other lures (hopefully)! The 3D mono-eye is cute!

It should work really well for octopus catching too, since, reportedly, that’s how Japanese fisherman catches octopus…as shown in a Japanese TV show Zip. (News source: Kotaku) I’m not sure if it’s true or not, but give it a shot, right?

japanese-fisherman-fish-with-char-zaku-evangelion-rinkya-japan japanese-fisherman-fish-with-char-zaku-evangelion-rinkya-japan2




Bento Friday: Doraemon in His Original Yellow Color and Cat Ears

Happy Bento Friday! Today’s bento features one of my favorite shows from childhood: Doraemon.
And it is not in the normal blue color we commonly see, it’s yellow Doraemon with cat ears!



Bento source: hirunori

How handsome! I love yellow Doraemon!
Did you know that Doraemon’s original color was yellow? The official story tells that Doraemon used to be yellow, as all of the other mass-produced cat robots of his model were. After his ears were bitten off by rats, he was so depressed that his cat ears and his golden plating fell off.  (There has been a few retcons in the past, a feature film 2112 Birth of Doraemon (1995) shows him drinking “sadness potion” after robot rats bit of his ears, which turned him blue).


Which Doraemon do you prefer?

I selected a couple of other yellow Doraemon bentos for today.
Here is an adorable, looong yellow Doraemon omurice.


Bento source: yukaxxx

Doraemon blows a kiss 😳


Bento source: kyonchimama



All of them are adorable! Yellow Doraemon rocks!


Enjoy your weekend!

Browse for auction listings of Doraemon on Yahoo Japan Auction via Rinkya.

My recommendation: Tamashii Nation Doraemon 2112 ver.

Pacific Rim Japanese Premiere Will Be in August, Get Japan Exclusive Promo Items and Trading Cards


Pacific Rim Hits US theaters this week! Is everyone ready for the biggest giant robot fight of the year? Directed by Guillermo del Toro, a huge Japanese robot anime fan himself, and with Rinko Kikuchi and many famous super robot seiyuus (for dubbing) such as Shuuichi Ikeda (Char Aznable), Toru Furuya (Amuro Ray), and Megumi Hayashibara (Rei Ayanami) involved in the film, both Japanese fans and western robot fans have been anticipating for its release.
Pacific Rim will not be in Japanese theaters until August, but as customary of films released in Japan, theaters give away exclusive pamphlets, flyers, collectibles to viewers who purchase movie tickets in advance.

For Pacific Rim, here are some exclusive items for advance ticket viewers.

Pacific Rim Japan Exclusive Trading Cards


Photo source: Kotaku

This is a set of 5 trading cards featuring different Jaegars. The cards are the same as the ones released in US at Wonder Con, except these have been localized to Japanese audience, making them extra special! It comes in a very nice package too…



And of course, we have a Japan exclusive flyer…

pacific-rim-japan-exclusive-flyer-rinkya pacific-rim-japan-exclusive-flyer-rinkya2 pacific-rim-japan-exclusive-flyer-rinkya3

There’s two types to the Japan Exclusive Flyer. Here’s another one

pacific-rim-japan-exclusive-flyer-rinkya4 pacific-rim-japan-exclusive-flyer-rinkya5


Many super robot creators from Japan who’ve watched it highly praised the film too, including Go Nagai (Mazinger Z), Yoshiyuki Sadamoto (Evangelion), Hideo Kojima (Metal Gear Solid), and the list goes on. I can’t wait to see it!

Browse more Pacific Rim items on Yahoo Japan Auction via Rinkya!

Enjoy the film!

Launch jets, missiles, and Great Mazinger! 70’s Vintage Popy Science Fortress Base Has Lots of Gimmicks to Entertain You!

Picture source: wiki

Great item for Great Mazinger and Popy toy collectors!
There has been many toys featuring Great Mazinger’s Science Fortress in the past, but this set currently listed on Yahoo Japan Auction is one of the most highly acclaimed ones among them.

Vintage Great Mazinger Science Fortress Base from Popy Popinica 1970’s


The set has many cool gimmicks and accessories. It includes two Brain Condor jets. You can dock Brain Condors inside the island and launch them as you wish. Missiles fire from the base’s front, and you can even launch a little Great Mazinger on the side.


The set includes:

  • Fortress Base
  • A bridge
  • An Island
  • A Great Mazinger
  • 2 Venus A
  • 4 Brain Condors
  • 4 Missiles

It’s listed from a seller with good reputation, and comes with an original box. Only 3 days left, so make sure to watch it!

Bid on 70’s Popy Popinica Great Mazinger Science Fortress Base via Rinkya

 Browse for more Great Mazinger items on YJ Auction via Rinkya!

Exclusive Customer Offer! SONY RX-1 Cyber-shot Camera for Only $2,400!


Sony-RX-1-cyber-shot-dsc-rx1-rinkya-japan3  Sony-RX-1-Cyber-Shot-Camera-rinkya-japan-5

Sony DSC-RX1/B Cyber-shot Full-frame Digital Camera
Limited-Time Offer: US$2,400 Free Shipping

Sony Cyber-shot RX-1 BUY DIRECT FROM JAPAN AND SAVE $398.  
100% original from the #1 trusted Rinkya, running for over 12 years. Buy it from Rinkya for $2400.
Free shipping.  (Must be a Rinkya member) The same item on Amazon is $2,798.
View product specifications and features on SONY’s official website.
Sample Photos
*Make sure you are logged in first.
Not a Rinkya member? Sign up today!

Super Rare Medicom Bearbrick! Pepsi NEX Lottery Prizes Gundam/Char Zaku Be@rbrick 400% Figures

The two limited edition Bearbrick figures I’m featuring today should bring both Bearbrick and Gundam fans a smile!

 Pepsi NEX 2011 Lottery Prize 400% Be@rbrick Gundam version


…and 400% Be@rbrick Char Zaku ver are both listed on Yahoo Japan Auction right now!


These are the two prizes from a lottery campaign Pepsi NEX held back in 2011. Participants collected tickets from Pepsi products to apply for the lottery, and only 500 lucky winners (250 for Gundam, 250 for Char Zaku) were able to earn these very special Be@rbricks! Meaning there is 250 of each Be@rbrick above exists in the world.


The original ad from Pepsi lottery campaign

The figure is 400% Be@rbrick, so it is 28cm tall. Yes, it’s big! See the size difference in the ad above, in comparison to 70% figures.

When brand new, it could be worth more than $1,000, but on Yahoo Japan Auction right now, PRE-OWNED items are only $300 (high bid could go up), and they are in superb conditions.

Bid on Pepsi NEX Gundam 400% Be@rbrick

Bid on Pepsi NEX Char Zaku 400% Be@rbrick

Pepsi has given out other Be@rbrick prizes in the past too, such as Star Wars.
Browse all YJ Auction listings of Pepsi x Be@rbrick toys from here.
Browse all YJ Auction listings of 400% size Pepsi x Be@rbrick toys from here.



A Cat who Dresses Up in Tarako, Mushroom, and Wasabi… the Latest Twitter-Famous Kitten from Japan!


Do you know about a kitten from Japan, who’s famous for dressing up in a tarako (Japanese salted cod roe), a shimeji mushroom, and a wasabi plant? Her name is Wasabi-chan, and she is all the rage in Japanese Twitter community now.

At first, the photo is just kind of funny and cute. But there’s a reason why she dresses up in these seemingly uncomfortable outfits. This is a very touching story about the encounter of Wasabi-chan and her current owner @jessiepon. I’d like to share the owners’ tweets in English to reveal reasons behind this photo!

Everything Started from Here


June 2nd, 2013

@jessiepon: “I heard a horrible cry of a kitten, getting attacked by crows in front of my house. I immediately rescued her and brought her to the vet. Crows have eaten inside of the kitten’s mouth, to the point she can’t drink milk on her own. The vet had to insert a catheter directly into her stomach to feed the kitten. Her initial body weight: 210g.”


June 8th, 2013

@jessiepon: “We’ve been feeding her milk in every 4 hours. Her body weight is now 274g! “


@jessiepon“Our kitten does not poop everyday. The vet said I don’t have to be worried about it, but still!”


June 9th, 2013

@jessiepon“Good morning! Today’s photo of the kitten <3 After the catheter feeding this morning, I wiped her face, and the scabs fell off. She looks beautiful! She couldn’t even open her left eye when I first found her, but now she can raise her eyelid gradually. Her tongue is torn up in half, so sometimes it hangs out of her mouth like this… ^^;”

 Then, the First Time the Kitten Appeared in a Baby Covering



June 11th, 2013

@jessiepon“Today’s photo! When I was taking lice out around her eyes, I heard her purr for the first time!  Her upper jaw is fractured, so it’s still bleeding a little. She is taking antibiotics, anti-inflammatory analgesic, and intestinal medication now.

“Also, we finally named her. Her name is ‘Wasabi-chan’ and she’s a girl. (*´艸`*)”



June 12th, 2013

@jessiepon“Thank you for all the support and kind messages! Wasabi-chan is improving a lot, she started nibbling her front paws today.”
“Her body weight is now 300g!”


Then, this Photo was Uploaded, Making Wasabi-chan a Super Famous Kitten on Twitter



June 15th, 2013

@jessiepon“She tries to fight back whenever we feed her with the catheter, so Granny made her this outfit to make sure she eats. A “tarako” Wasabi. Tomorrow we’ll go to the clinic again!”
*Tarako is a salted cod roe in Japan. It looks like this. 

This particular tweet/photo got more than 20,000 retweets, to the owner’s surprise!


…to the point that several Wasabi-chan “fans” made a Wasabi-chan stamp, Wasabi-chan felt plush toy, to show their support for the kitten.

Wasabi-chan Show Improvement in Her Health


June 17th, 2013

@jessiepon“Wasabi-chan is very fortunate to have such warm responses from everyone! Today, we started her litter training, but as you can see, Wasabi-chan is not so interested in it… ʅ(‾◡◝ ა)ʃ”



June 19th, 2013

@jessiepon“Toay’s Wasabi-chan! After the catheter-feeding at 4AM, she threw up her food. It’s because we increased the amount of milk today. Now she is fine, plays well and sleeps well.”


The New Outfit – Shimeji Mushroom



June 20th, 2013

@jessiepon“Granny’s new hand-made piece! This is Wasabi-chan in a shimeji mushroom cover. We’ll start the catheter-feeding with this new outfit today!”

“Also, here is Wasabi’s profile: Used to be a stray cat / possibly quintuplets / female / initial weight: 210g (minus weight of lice)  / favorite thing: Granny / hates: catheter-feeding and mouth checkup / friend: stuffed mouse.”

Around this time, some people complained that putting a kitten in an outfit like this is an animal abuse, which drove the owner into having her Twitter account private. Clearly, these people have no idea why and for what reasons the owner makes Wasabi-chan dress up in it. It’s not for fun, but for feeding the kitten without her fighting back. Sudden movements can end up suffocating the kitten or hurting her throat/stomach! Luckily, @jessiepon opened up the account to public again.



June 30th, 2013

 @jessiepon “It’s the first time Wasabi was able to poop by herself! Coincidentally, we have to bring a stool sample to the clinic today. Thank you for your help, Wasabi!”

Wasabi-chan Sends a Message to the World with Her Wasabi Plant Outfit


July 1st, 2013

 @jessiepon“It’s been a month since I met Wasabi-chan! Thank you for everyone’s support. I made this photo to pray for the wellness and happiness of all pets in the world.”


She gets along with other members of the family too!

(@jessiepon also has a dog and a parrot, and they are friends! how cute!)


That is it for me to share the story of Wasabi-chan! I felt very warm in my heart as I saw the dedication @jessiepon showed to the kitten. You can check the rest of the photos and daily updates of Wasabi-chan from @jessiepon’s Twitter account or her Instagram!

Bento Friday: Pikachu Ran into a Wall of Rice!

Happy Friday!
This week’s bento is Pikachu. However, unlike an ordinary Pikachu bento, this one features a particular part of Pikachu: his butt.



Can you believe it’s made with a hard-boiled egg? I’m sorry Pikachu, it must be embarrassing for you, but it’s so cuuuute! Pikachu must have been super hungry to have ran himself into a bento!

Want to know how to make it?
Juru, the bento artist, revealed a little secret to making of Pikachu’s butt.


First, prepare a heart-shaped cookie cutter about the width of 5.2 cm (measured at the widest part). The key here is to choose a cutter made of plastic, not metal, and something that’s got round edges. Otherwise, it might make a rip in the surface of the egg.



Place a hard-boiled egg while it’s still hot in the cookie cutter. The middle part is wrapped with a saran wrap to further emphasize the shape.



Wait until the egg is cooled down, then soak it in curry soup to color it yellow (curry soup consists of instant cube stock and curry powder dissolved in hot water) ! Add the tail made of fried egg + ham underneath, and seaweed to decorate black pattern. Done!



For all cookie cutters listed on Yahoo Japan Auction, browse from here!


Enjoy your weekend!