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Sushi-cooking made easy! SUZUMO Automatic Sushi Making Robot

No more mess in kitchen when trying to roll sushi!
SUZUMO SSG-GTA Automatic Sushi Making Robot does the job for you: it shapes rice in a perfect nigiri sushi style automatically.

You’ve probably seen sushi making machines in restaurants before, but this one is aesthetically beautiful too. It looks like a wooden tub where Japanese people traditionally keep rice in.

suzumo-automaticsushiroll suzumo-automaticsushiroll2

It can roll 1200 nigiri sushi per hour! Holds a little less than 1 gallon of rice (About 2 sho, which is a traditional Japanese measurement unit)

PRE-OWNED, cleaned and functional. Perfect for industrial use or for home (if you really like sushi)!

Bid on SUZUMO STG-GTA automatic sushi making robot from Yahoo Japan Auction!

Top 10 Visual Kei Bands with Most Beautiful Men

Visual Kei: A movement in Japanese musicians that is characterized by heavy make-up, elaborate hair-style, and flamboyant costumes, often, but not always, coupled with androgynous aesthetics (Wikipedia).

On Mixi’s visual kei community site, fans voted to decide which visual kei bands got the best-looking, ikemen members (Ikemen means a handsome guy, a little Japanese tip!) of all! Is your favorite band in here?

Too 10 Visual Kei Bands with Most Beautiful Men

10) Black Acid Cherry (also known as yasu from Janne Da Arc) – 320 votes

9) Kiryuu (乙龍) – 338 votes

8) SuG – 363 votesvisualkei8



7) Nightmare – 369 votes

6) L’Arc~en~Ciel – 536 votes

5) Sid – 567 votes

4) Alice Nine – 613 votes

3) Golden Bomber – 707 votes

2) the Gazette – 863 votes

1) ViViD – 1306 votes

*Votes were closed on March 6th, 2013.

Found any bands you like?
YJ Auction has a lot of band-related items listed too, check them out if you are interested! Search all talent, musicians, celebrity category on YJ Auction. 


Source: Visual Kei Blog Site Visual Metal

Bento Friday: Sleepy Rilakkuma Omurice

TGIF, it’s bento Friday!

I’ve featured sleepy Hello Kitty bento a few weeks ago, and because it was so adorable, now I’m obsessed with finding more character bentos in blankets!

Here is today’s bento: Rilakkuma cozy afternoon snooze

riralakkuma-bento rilakkuma-bento2


It’s made with omurice (omelette and ketchup fried rice) too, which is one of my favorite Japanese dishes! Yumm!

This is another sleeping Rilakkuma bento made by the same artist. He’s laying on a soft cushion of bread. I love the little “Z” above his head!



Karenmama is such a talented bento artist! :)

Have a good weekend everyone!

See all rilakkuma items on Yahoo Japan Auction.


Hatsune Miku x Louis Vuitton Collaboration Figures Getting Attention on YJ auctions

If you are a passionate Miku fan, you might have heard about the life-size Hatsune Miku figure dressed in Louis Vuitton outfit that showed up at Bunkamura Orchard Hall on May 22nd. It was made in collaboration with Hatsune Miku’s opera, “THE END.”


Life-size, 158cm tall Hatsune Miku figure displayed at the reception event of THE END

Although there wasn’t any public announcement, a limited number of miniature replicas of this Louis Vuitton x Hatsune Miku figure were given to guests who attended the reception, and the event was for invitation only.

Therefore these figures are extremely rare! We’ve found a few of them appearing on YJ auction recently.

Here is one Hatsune Miku x Louis Vuitton “THE END” Limited Edition Figure listed on Auction right now.


1/6-scale Miku figure and a catalogue booklet for THE END.lousivuitton-hatsunemiku5


vuitton-hatsunemiku vuitton-hatsunemiku2


Here’s some more pictures from previous auctions to show you more details.

louisvuitton-hatsunemiku4 louisvuitton-hatsunemiku3


Previous auctions on this item ended up with highest bid of 110,000JPY. As the number of available figures go to collectors’ hands, it is expected to be more and more difficult to find. Bid on Hatsune Miku x Louis Vuitton collaboration figure now before they go completely away!


If you don’t win this particular auction, keep checking with Rinkya Auction by entering “初音ミク ヴィトン フィギュア” in our search bar, or just use this link pre-set to search this item.




STAR WARS R2-D2 Drink Cooler & Vending Machine. It lights up, talks, and serves you cold drink!

Coolest personal fridge ever!

STAR WARS R2-D2 vending machine/drink cooler is available on YJ Auction now!

r2d2-cooler r2d2-fridge r2d2-vendingmachine

Here’s some more detailed photos I took from an external site to show how this item works.



When you push one of the blue buttons to choose drink, R2-D2’s eye lights up and makes that characteristic sound!


It holds 10 cans maximum.

R2-D2 drink cooler was only available as a prize for lottery during Pepsi’s promotional campaign in collaboration with STAR WARS Episode III in 2005 when it came out. Only 2000 pieces were made, so it is extremely rare to find.

This auction is over (as of 06/13/2013).

However, we found another one, click the link below to bid.

Bid on R2-D2 drink cooler/vending machine from now!



10 Unique (and sometimes odd) Japanese Travel Experiences Offered by Special Travel Agency Voyagin

Voyagin is an unique travel agency offering a variety of host-initiated experiences for tourists visiting Japan. The kind of activities/experiences offered here are very different.

Some of the experiences offered here is rather odd! Let’s take a look!

1) Go Shopping with Japanese Lolitas in Akihabara


Go shopping with actual Japanese Lolitas, they’ll share their extensive knowledge in Japanese lolita culture and tell you right places to go shopping for lolita fashion items.

2) Japanese Pop Idol Performance w Meal and Photo Ops


Watch idols singing themes from anime! You can experience the atmosphere created by idol otaku fans/audience, it’s one of a kind.

3) Spend Relaxing Time at Cat Cafe


After a busy day of sight seeing, you may want to take a break at a cafe surrounded by adorable kitties.

4) Eat Indian Curry made by and with Geeks and NEETs at Geek share house


Geek House is a share house with residents consisting of various geeks including unemployed NEETs. The owner of the share house will make an Indian curry and have a party with the rest of the geeky house mates! Take a glimpse of deepest geek life.

5) Sumo Wrestlers’ Morning Training Viewing


Visit sumo stable and watch their morning training. This is not a typical sight seeing spot, so you’ll be watching the training with most hardcore sumo fans!

6) Have a Dinner with Geisha in Asakura Private Restaurant


Enjoy a dinner with geisha and see their dance performance.

7) Let’s Play Pachinko!


If you’ve visited Japan, you’ve seen pachinko parlors everywhere. It’s a little intimidating to enter and play without knowing what to do. In this tour a guide will accompany you and explain how to play the most prominent form of gambling in Japan!

8) Learn How to Become a Samurai in Costume


Learn how to become a samurai including samurai etiquette, sword techniques KEMBU in Kyoto!

9) Visit Maid Cafe and Butler Cafe


It’s actually pretty difficult to get reservation for Japanese people at butler’s cafe too due to its popularity.


You’ve heard all about maid cafes and butler cafes craze in Japan. Indulge yourself with excellent service from beautiful maids and butlers!

10) Learn How to Make Japanese-style Bento. Chara Ben Class!


I know everyone on our blog loves our Bento Friday posts. Maybe you can make one yourself! Learn basic techniques you can apply to making any character bentos.

This site is great, since anyone can bring in a proposal for new travel experiences (Voyagin staff will pre-screen hosts and make sure they are legit, so there’s no worry about scams).


Another Sailor Moon Makeup! This time it’s Nail Polish featuring all 5 Sailor Senshi


We’ve already featured Sailor Moon Shining Moon Powder last week, which sold out within 24 hours, and guess what? Now there’s another Sailor Moon makeup to be released from Miracle Romance series!

Miracle Romance Sailor Moon R Nail Collection

This collection not only features Sailor Moon, but also includes Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, and Venus too! Must-have for all Sailor Moon fans!

miracleromance-sailormoon-nail3 miracleromance-sailormoon-nail2 miracleromance-sailormoon-nail4 miracleromance-sailormoon-nail5 miracleromance-sailormoon-nail6

This series is targeted for adults, so quality of the polish itself is well considered. It has pearly shimmer and gives clean finish without unevenness. Perfect for creating nail art too! You can find this product on our Auction, it’s super popular so don’t wait around!

Use this link to check every listing of Sailor Moon R Nail Polish Collection.



And check on Sailor Moon Shining Moon Powder listing on YJ Auction too! There are more items listed everyday!


Dragon Quest Slime Hourglass to be Released in July! Taking Pre-order Now.



Square-Enix will release limited edition hourglass featuring adorable mascot creature from Dragon Quest series, Slime.

Product: Slime Hourglass
Released from: Square-Enix
Dimension: 100 mm tall x 53 mm diameter
Price: 2,200JPY
Shipping within Japan: 577JPY

Slime hourglass measures 3 minutes. It is designed after images that actually appear in Dragon Quest X and VII while loading game data (see below).


How adorable!

We are taking pre-order on Limited Edition Slime Hourglass right now.
To order, 1) login to your Rinkya account, 2) go to “My Orders” from top right icon, and 3) go to “Request Stores Order.



4) Paste in this URL and you are ready to go! Don’t forget to choose color (blue or silver)!

This product will be available on July 27th!



Game Screenshots Source: Hachima Kikou

Bento Friday: Kiki’s Delivery Service Jiji

Are you excited about Kiki’s Delivery Service live action movie that’s in production now?
Today’s bento features Jiji, the adorable feline friend of Kiki!


ghighi2 ghighi3


That ribbon made of imitation crab is really well done! I like the rabbit-shaped lunch box too :)

Search for all Kiki’s Delivery Service items on Rinkya Auction.

Bento Source

Saraba Sailor Moon and Pretty Soldier, Rare Sailor Moon genga/settei books collecting art of Shinya Hasegawa and Naoko Takeuchi

Today we have a couple of really cool Sailor Moon books!
If you know about Saraba Sailor Moon and Pretty Soldier, you are probably quite an expert in Sailor Moon, and chances are you’ve been looking for them! :)

Saraba Sailor Moon: Gekitokushu Hasegawa Shinya is a doujinshi collecting selected genga work of Shinya Hasegawa, edited by Hideaki Anno.



  • Shinya Hasegawa was the art director of Sailor Moon anime series, known for his very specific (cute and sexy) style and consistent, quality art. He later created characters for Revolutionary Girl Utena and drew the legendary intro sequence of Evangelion. So all the selected genga included here look amazing.
  • What makes it even more interesting is that the editor who compiled this doujinshi is Hideaki Anno, who later directed Evangelion (This doujinshi was published 1994, a year before Evangelion hits TV). Anno was not part of Sailor Moon production staff then, but he absolutely loved the show and Sailor Moon universe to the point he independently published Hasegawa’s genga book. It’s interesting that you can kind of tell Anno’s Eva style showing up on the cover design, isn’t it?

Here are some photos taken from previous auctions (since the auction currently running does not show what’s inside), so you can see what kind of genga is included in this book.sarabasailormoon saraba-sailormoon3 saraba-sailormoon2


Bid on Saraba Sailor Moon Gekitokushu Shinya Hasegawa via Rinkya Auction!

And here is another awesome rare art book.

Sailor Moon Pretty Soldier Settei Book by Naoko Takeuchi.


This settei (model sheets), “Pretty Soldier” is a book published by Kodansha in 1999 (and of course long sold-out) collecting gorgeous full-color artwork and sketches by Naoko Takeuchi. These model sheets were used as a reference to guide art direction for Sailor Moon TV anime series. Plus, it includes an exclusive manga you can only see in this book!




Bid on Sailor Moon Pretty Soldier settei book by Naoko Takeuchi!

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