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Bento Friday: Light up rainy days with Kerokero Keroppi bentos


In Japan, June is tsuyu (梅雨), a rainy season every year. It’s bothersome having to carry an umbrella everywhere, and sometimes random someone steals your umbrella…(which often happens even in courteous Japan)!
These Kerokero Keroppi should cheer you up when you are down.

Source: sabasucafe

Source: Charaben Funtoki

Source: OSARU mama

By the way, do you know what Keroppi’s friend Teruteru actually is?



She is supposed to be Teruteru Bouzu, a traditional Japanese paper doll that people hang on string to pray for good weather. It’s believed to have a magical power to prevent rain. Children often make paper teruteru bouzus the day before field trips, sports day, or any occasion they wish it to be good weather.

We might as well have fun making teruteru bouzu on rainy days too!
Source: mma Blog

Search all listings of Kerokero Keroppi items on Yahoo Japan Auction.

Have a nice weekend!



New Sailor Moon Smartphone Cases for Everyone! 9 Styles to Choose from, Fits iPhone 4, 4S, 5, Galaxy SIII, S4, Xperia


Show your love for Sailor Moon to everyone, at anywhere!

Premium Bandai released a set of new Sailor Moon Smartphone Cases with 9 designs  and fit 6 different phone models!

Wow, all 9 of them are soooooo cute, it’s hard to decide which one to choose!


Assembled (Horizontal)


Assembled (Vertical)


Sailor Moon Romantic ver


Princess Serenity Romantic ver


Assembled (Gothic)


Comic Style


Item Icons




Luna and Artemis (It’s transparent. Here it shows how it looks against black phones (left) and white phones (right))

Each smartphone case is 2,100JPY. What a great deal!
Here’s what you will need to fill in our Rinkya Store Order form to make an order.

  • Style: Choose the style you want and copy the item URL next to it, paste it in the URL area or our form.
    1) Assembled (Horizontal) – URL
    2) Assembled (Vertical) – URL
    3) Sailor Moon Romantic ver – URL
    4) Princess Serenity Romantic ver – URL
    5) Assembled (Gothic) – URL
    6) Comic Style – URL
    7) Item Icons – URL
    8) Silhouette – URL
    9) Luna and Artemis – URL
  • Your phone model: Specify in the item description which model you want the cases for. Choose from iPhone 5, iPhone 4 &4S,  Galaxy S III & IIIa, Galaxy S4, Xperia Z SO-02E, and Xperia A SO-04E.
  • Quantity: You can order multiple designs at once. And specify how many you’d like to buy.

Then you are set! Order from Request Store Order in your account! Make sure you are logged in first. Register with us if you haven’t!

Auction Prices for Limited-Edition Attack on Titan UNIQLO T-shirts Soar After a Year from Their Initial Release



Popular apparel brand UNIQLO released a series of limited-edition Attack on Titan T-shirts in March, 2012. Back then, these t-shirts were sold for 1,500JPY a piece on retails, and some people on 2ch recall they got them on sale for half-price even.

Since then, Attack on Titan became the latest rage in Japan with introduction of anime series and flourishing in doujin culture. Consequently, prices on last-year’s t-shirts have sky-rocketed in used markets. On Yahoo Japan Auction today, the Revi t-shirts are especially sought-after and being transacted around $200-1000 range.





Some of the listings are purchased for more reasonable prices than others. It really depends on the timing of when they are listed, so if you want to get a good deal on it, use this link pre-set with correct keywords to easily monitor all new listings. Use our “Saved Keywords” function to save it on your account too! :)

There are 5 other designs for UNIQLO Attack on Titan t-shirts too.

attackontitan-uniqlo2 attackontitan-uniqlo6 attackontitan-uniqlo4 attackontitan-uniqlo3 attackontitan-uniqlo5


These can be purchased for much better prices.
Browse all listings of UNIQLO Attack on Titan t-shirts from here! 


Asahi Super Dry Creamy Can Server Ensures Authentic Japanese Style Head on Your Beer


Japanese people like beer as much Western crowds do, but they are notorious for giving extra large foam when serving from tap. They absolutely love the foam, maybe more than the beer itself, to the point that Asahi did a promotional campaign to give away this Asahi Super Dry Creamy Fan Server to ensure extra head even when you drink out of a can.


Watch this guy’s video to see how it works. It has “foam adding function” to give EXTRA FOAM after the pour.


He’s done pouring without any head…


Now the server gives extra head afterward.

It’s almost like an espresso machine. With it, you can taste authentic Japanese-style served beer at your home!
You can see how it has a slot to place a can in the back.

It runs on batteries, so you can bring it to camping and outdoors too!
You could only get the Creamy Can Server by having collected 120 stickers that came with Asahi Super Dry products and send them in. That’s a lot of beer to drink before being able to eligible!

You don’t have to go through the hustle, you can get Asahi Super Dry Creamy Can Server from Yahoo Japan Auction via Rinkya!

Enjoy! Kanpai!



Weirdest Items Ever Listed on Yahoo Japan Auction

Since Yahoo Japan Auction started in 1999, the service has grown into the biggest, most successful auction site in Japan. Sometimes you find great items, but  occasionally you encounter weirdest things you’ve never expected to see. I’ve selected a few examples of oddity every found on YJ Auction!


Nyotaimori is “often referred to as “body sushi,” is the practice of serving sashimi or sushi from the body of women, typically naked (Wikipedia)”. However, this seller has offered himself to be Nantaimori,  which is a male version of it. In the auction description, the seller states it’s perfect for occasions such as “when you have no dishware at home,” “to show apology to clients when you made a mistake in business,” or “to create romantic atmosphere at dinner with a girl you are proposing to,” and so on. Um…yeah…is there an insurance policy for when it actually destroys your date?


Well, it’s the planet we live on. In the Q&A section, the seller answered to questions like:

Q “How is the quality of the item?”
A “It’s been 3 hundred million years, but I think it could function another 5 hundred million years. Unfortunately the terrain and environment have changed from its original condition…”

Q “Is it size L?”
A “The size is S. There are many bigger planets out there.”

The auction started with 69JPY and eventually got terminated early by the seller with 9,999,999,999JPY with no highest bidder.


It’s actually a legitimate product designed and sold by a brand called “nice to meet you,” but you’ve got to wonder, where do I wear these shoes to? They look really awesome as an art project though.


This guy must be a real masochist to be willing to let random people decide what to do with his money! (Or maybe he’s secretly super rich?) The seller would do almost anything, with the exception of making profit for the won bidder (such as handing all salary to the bidder), or for illegal actions. The auction ended with 25,000 JPY.


It sounds like the tale of “The Emperor’s New Clothes.” Supposedly, this item cannot be seen by ignorant people. The seller explained, “it’s embarrassing, but I cannot see it either.” Although he offered to give away a couple of Denny’s and Yoshinoya coupons as freebie to the highest bidder, no one purchased this item.


The seller calls it “Space Kei Truck,” vaguely resembling to Reiji Matsumoto’s popular manga/anime Space Battleship Yamato. It’s actually a functioning kei truck.


Space Kei Truck behind the scene photo, in process of making.


Got stopped by police while test driving.
Police: “Where do you think you are going? Iscandar?”


Suspicious interior of the space truck…


In crowded cities of Japan, not everyone has privilege to punch walls whenever they get angry (they are too nice to their neighbors). You could break your fist if you punch random walls without practice too, you can’t risk that! To solve such problem, the seller auctioned a service to punch walls on behalf of you. It was sold for 100JPY per punch, and total of 9 punches were sold.


One of those weird Japanese random inventions. You can catch dog poop and pee directly in this handy plastic purse. Japanese people put so much effort in making smallest part of their life easier and more efficient, which is great! However, the dog probably feels embarrassed by this photo going up on internet.


Evidently this guy was going through very difficult time. To try to cope with the situation, he produced a bunch of Japanese calligraphy pieces of “Orz,” a Japanese emoticon showing a man on his hands and knees struck by failure and disappointment. Calligraphy pieces were written on A4-size photocopy paper and framed. No one bid on it, which probably didn’t help his feelings.


This adorable penguin is a pet of this auction seller. His name is “Penguin Ouji (Prince).” You get to own a foot print of Penguin Ouji and a day of hanging out with him, feeding him, taking a walk with him!


The auction ended with 12,725 JPY. I hope the bidder enjoyed a date with Penguin Ouji!



The title of the auction stated it was a “real time machine” (Makes me think of the movie I recently watched Safety Not Guaranteed.) The seller explained that he spent 20 million JPY to invent it and runs on regular 100V electric outlet. This was also Yahoo Japan Auction’s most expensively bid item ever in its history, which was 10 trillion JPY. WOW. Eventually, the Auction staff found out about it and forced to terminate the listing with no highest bidder.


Even from auctions, you can see Japanese people have twisted sense of humor! A lot of the time these weird items show up on Neta (Joke) category of YJ Auction (not always, but often). Please remember listings in this category are not always legitimate, so browse it with your own judgement!

Creamy Mami 30th Anniversary Live Concert!



Creamy Mami celebrates her 30thy Anniversary with this one-day special concert! On August 16th, the show will be held at Shibuya O-EAST. Starring Takako Ota (voice of Mami, also the singer of intro theme “Delicate ni Koi Shite”), Saeko Shimazu (voice of Megumi), Yu Mizushima (voice of Toshio), and more, it will be a blast for sure!

Tickets are going for 5,500JPY, if you want to join the celebration!


Now taking orders for Sailor Moon Brooch Rings, mini towel, and tapestry


Following the announcements of Sailor Moon face powder and nail polish set, Premium Bandai announced yet another really cool Sailor Moon merchandise. This time, they are releasing a pair of gorgeous Sailor Moon S Brooch Rings.

The ring is styled after the brooch appearing in Sailor Moon S anime. Made with sterling silver and Swarovski crystal, it matches perfectly with the colors of Sailor Moon Nail Collection! It comes in silver and gold color.






sailormoon-broochring4 sailormoon-broochring

They are SO pretty, aren’t they?

You have until July 19th (Japan time) to order. If you miss this chance, you may not be able to get it again!

Sailor Moon S Brooch Ring – Item Details:

  • Size: Choose from ring size 7-13
  • Material: Sterling silver and 5mm Swarovski crystal
  • Color: Silver or 18-carat gold coated
  • Price: 15,750 JPY (+Rinkya fees + International shipping)
  • Shipping schedule: Order by July 19th, it will be shipped in October. 
  • Read the description on the page after clicking “Buy Now” for fee details.

To make an order, click Buy Now button below (you need to be logged in to Rinkya). Make sure to specify the correct ring size and color (silver/gold) in the description.


(Here’s an easy way to find out your ring size, if you don’t know already!)


We are also taking pre-orders for Sailor Moon mini towel and Sailor Moon tapestry from Premium Bandai. Get them all together and save money on shipping! :)

Sailor Moon Mini Towelsailormoontowel

  • Dimension: 20cm x 20 cm
  • Material: Microfiber from 80% polyester and 20% nylon
  • Price: 600 JPY (+Rinkya fees + International shipping)
  • Click Buy Now button below for information about Rinkya fees (make sure you are logged in)


Sailor Moon Tapestrysailormoon-tapestry

  • Dimension: B2 size (515mm x 728mm)
  • Material: Polyester suede
  • Price: 3,150JPY (+Rinkya fees + International shipping)
  • Click Buy Now button below for fee information (make sure you are logged in already)


Bento Friday: That guy from Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic


It’s bento Friday, yay!

I’m so sorry, but I couldn’t resist the urge to post this bento….it’s a character from popular manga/anime Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic.






Ultimate Bento: Sinbad from Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic

The King of Sindria greets you!




Well, hello your majesty!


See how accurate it is?



Got to wonder what’s underneath the leaf (sorry).

Everyone could use a little laugh after a hardworking week! Hope you enjoyed it.
Have a nice weekend!

Bento Source: Piyo via Pixiv

Vintage Transfromers: Victory Breast Force Liokaiser toys 1989, all 6 of them in a set in fantastic condition

Today we have a set of great vintage toys from Fight! Super Robot Lifeform Transformers: Victory from 1989.

What’s on our auction is a set of all 6 members of Destron(Decepticon)’s Breast Force that will combine to be Liokaiser  (yes, Breast Force is what they were called).


From top left, we have Jallguar, Killbison, and Drillhorn. From bottom left, Leozack, Gaihawk, and Hellbat.

transformervitory-breastforce2 transformer-breastforce3

As you can see, they are in fantastic conditions both contents and packaging-wise. The seller has kept the toys totally untouched except for placing the original stickers in proper positions. Let’s form Liokaiser with the six elites of Breast Force! :)

Trivia: Breast Force earned the first place in the 30 Most Unfortunately Named Transformers in 2009.

Breast Force ranked number 1

Smile, guys!

bidnow Bid on Transformers: Victory Breast Force Toy Set now!


Want something else?
Search all Transformer Toys via Rinkya Yahoo Japan Auction.

RARE! Pokemon Zukan 2004 Campaign Prize: 1/40-scale Wailord Figure

Like Pokemon? We have a rare Pokemon toy for auction today!

Pokemon Rittai Zukan is a series of Pokemon figures sold through gachapon vending machines in Japan since 2003. There was a special campaign in 2004 where you can use tickets that came along with these figures to enter a lottery to win this awesome, giant Wailord toy!

pokemonwailord-plush2 pokemonwailord-plush3



This Wailord is made in 1/40-scale size, measuring 38 x 19 x 16 cm (approximately 15 x 7.5 x 6.3 inch). Since it was a prize for a limited-time campaign, you won’t find them in regular trade. Presence of this adorable figure will brighten up your room for sure!

We have a couple of buying options here.

Bid on brand new Pokemon Rittai Zukan Wailord, unused.

BId on USED, PRE-OWNED Pokemon Rittai Zukan Wailord.

And even after the above auctions are over, keep checking on this link to follow all listing of the same product!